Info Hub: 2019 BOA Grand National Championships


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Here's all of the info you need for the final day of the 2019 Bands of America season as it comes to a conclusion in Lucas Oil Stadium!

Finals Schedule - November 16

All times in Eastern and local to venue.

6:30 PMGates Open
7:00 PMGrand Finale Opening Ceremony
7:45 PM

Class A Champion: Bourbon County (KY)

8:00 PMWilliam Mason (OH)
8:15 PMThe Woodlands (TX)
8:30 PMAyala (CA)
8:45 PMHomestead (IN)
9:00 PMUnion (OK)
9:15 PMRound Rock (TX)
9:30 PMClaudia Taylor Johnson (TX)
9:45 PMAvon (IN)
10:00 PMLeander (TX)
10:15 PMHebron (TX)
10:30 PMVandegrift (TX)
10:45 PMCarmel (IN)
11:00 PM

Class AA Champion: Marian Catholic (IL)

11:15 PM

Exhibition: University of North Alabama

Photo Galleries - ALL Preliminary Bands

Check out photos of all bands from the 2019 BOA Grand National Championship prelims from photographers Josh Clements and Tony McCrackin.

Fan Favorite - Vote Now!

Vote now for your favorite band performing in the 2019 BOA Grand National Championships in Lucas Oil Stadium!

LIVE BLOG: Grand National Finals Live Updates

Read along with live blogger Krista Viveiros as the top marching bands in the WORLD compete in the 2019 BOA Grand National finals... READ FULL ARTICLE

Feature Articles

Union (OK) Offers A Modern Twist On A Classic Marching Tune

Union’s opening setup features everything you’d expect out of an evening at the symphony. The vast majority of the band is positioned on white seats, across a series of red risers in the front-middle of the field. Prior to the show’s first note, they briefly “noodle” and warm up, before tuning together—not unlike what you might hear when sitting in a concert hall before a musical performance.

Everyone’s seated with a nice posture, wearing black slacks, red tuxedo jackets, white shirts, and red bowties. 

And then... they smack you in the face with an opening impact of Benjamin Britten’s “The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra” and within seconds, they’re out of their chairs, performing choreography on the risers... READ FULL ARTICLE

Homestead's 2019 Show "The Reclamation Project" Is More Than A Period Piece

“33 straight state finals appearances,” Homestead director Brad Wadkins said. “The last 30 years, we’ve been in the top four in the state. Six state championships and eight state runners-up.”

The Homestead program is an elite one, there’s no mistaking it.


“This is the best band that we’ve had,” he added... READ FULL ARTICLE

FULL Prelims Recap

Personally, I love college basketball — almost as much as I love marching music, which is a lot. So, as you’d expect, March Madness is like a holiday for me. The fact that it’s not recognized as a federal holiday is something I still struggle with, just a little bit. 

But anyway, what’s wild about March Madness is that we spend months looking forward to it, and once the tournament brackets are set on Selection Sunday, the next three days feel like years’ worth of anticipation until games are played in earnest starting that ensuing Thursday. 

And then, 48 hours go by in what feels like seconds, and you’ve gone from 64 teams from 32 in the snap of a finger. 48 more light-speed hours later, and you’re down to 16. 

It’s literally the blink of an eye — at least, it feels like it — and a third of the teams you’ve been talking about leading up to the tournament are done. 

2019 is my first year experiencing the Bands of America Grand Nationals — see, I told you I’d get to band eventually — and sitting in an empty Lucas Oil Stadium this Friday night, I can’t help but find myself feeling like it’s the end of the first Sunday of March Madness... READ FULL ARTICLE


The FloMarching team has been out in full force at Lucas Oil Stadium all weekend capturing incredible behind the scenes videos, articles, interviews, and more. If you liked Encore: Hey Bloo and Encore: 19in19, then you might enjoy some brand new Encore episodes about some of the best high school marching band programs in the country.

We've been following Carmel all season long as they continue their incredible tradition of excellence and technical precision led by the student leadership and world-renowned teaching staff. 

Also on our list is Vandegrift High School as they take their first-ever trip to BOA Grand Nationals after a monumental season with their program "Aria, Queen of the Night." The group earned a score of 96 at the San Antonio Super Regional just two weeks before Grand Nationals and has their sights on making history in their first trip to Lucas Oil.

Stay tuned...

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