Results From The Fan Favorite Vote At DCI Central Texas

First Look: Blue Stars Battery Playing Show Excerpt

Due to excessive heat in Texas, in cooperation with the National Weather Service, Drum Corps International has decided that tonight's DCI Central Texas event will be slightly delayed. The corps performing in tonight's show will also not wear uniforms in order to stay comfortable and cool. Judges will also only be giving comments rather than scoring the corps due to the circumstances.

Extreme Heat Forces Delayed Starts In Denton And Central Texas

Boston Crusaders Design Team Explains "S.O.S."

The National Weather Service has put numerous excessive heat warnings, watches and advisories into effect for the mid-section of Texas. As a result, the start times of events scheduled for Denton and Belton on Thursday evenings will be delayed in order to safeguard both the performers and the audience.

Weekly Watch Guide: Wk 5 - DCI Central Texas, DCI Southwestern

DCI Southwestern Championship Coming This Saturday

All eyes shift focus to Texas as the 2018 season heads south towards the Lone Star State.

'Remember The Alamo(dome)' Because It's Gonna Be Crazy

Mandarins Trumpets Pull Out Some Impressive Runs

On Saturday, July 21, the drum corps world will collide in San Antonio in the first of 3 major regional competitions that will define the 2018 season. It will undoubtedly be a turning point for several corps.

DCI Central Texas: How To Watch, Times, & LIVE Stream

Boston Snares Run Table Top Reps

The DCI summer tour has officially entered the hottest part of tour: Texas Tour. Our first stop on FloMarching is in Belton for DCI Central Texas! Before everything picks up this weekend in San Antonio tune into FloMarching to catch some of this season's favorite corps LIVE!

DCI Southwestern Championships: How To Watch, Times, & LIVE Stream

DCI Southwestern Championship Coming This Saturday

DCI is back at the Alamodome for an amazing day of performances! Twenty-five corps will compete in San Antonio on Saturday, July 21. After last weekend's results at the DCI Midwestern Championships, and the addition of Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Knights, and more, who knows where the cards will fall.

Weekend Recap: DCI Midwestern Champs & Drums Along The Rockies

Mandarins Trumpets Pull Out Some Impressive Runs

After two huge days of competition in Colorado and Missouri, the Drum Corps International summer tour has officially entered "regional season." Along with that comes "Texas tour," "swamp tour," and then the final stretch into the 2018 DCI World Championships will be here before you know it!

3 Things To Watch For In Central Texas

Boston Snares Run Table Top Reps

The devil may have gone to Georgia but DCI is headed to Texas. The 2018 season is turning out to be one of the most exciting seasons in recent memory with tight races up and down the standings. 

Showdown Of Epic Proportions At DCI Midwestern Championship - Pt 2

In The Lot: Crossmen Heating Up Minnesota

The DCI Midwestern Championship is setting-up to be one of the most important shows of the 2018 season. So important, that we needed two days to break everything down. We've already discussed the storylines developing for the corps performing in the last block. Now it's time to break down the first two groups of corps.

Mandarins' Climb Materializes After Cross-Country Trip

DCI 2018 Official Streaming Schedule Released!

On July 11, 2017, the Sacramento Mandarins scored a 72.300 in Boise, Idaho. On the same date one year later, the corps scored a 78.600 in Johnston, Iowa.