JUST ANNOUNCED: Full Drum Corps International 2024 Summer Tour Schedule

JUST ANNOUNCED: Full Drum Corps International 2024 Summer Tour Schedule

The 2024 Drum Corps International season begins on June 26 and runs through DCI World Championships on August 8-10. Stream the action LIVE on FloMarching!

Nov 15, 2023 by Natalie Shelton
JUST ANNOUNCED: Full Drum Corps International 2024 Summer Tour Schedule

It's hard to believe that the start of the 2024 DCI season is right around the corner already. While there's still quite a bit of time until we start to see our first glimpses of what each corps will be putting on the field this season, fans can get excited about a whole slate of exciting shows that will be coming to a football stadium near you this summer!

Here's everything you need to know about the current DCI 2024 schedule of events (as of November 2023):

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Full 2024 DCI Tour Schedule

Event Title



Participating Corps (as of 11/15)

Midwest Premiere
June 26
Rockford, MI
Phantom Regiment, Boston Crusaders, The Cavaliers, and more
DCI Central Indiana
June 28
Muncie, IN
Blue Stars, Carolina Crown, Colts, and more
TBD San Diego
June 28
San Diego area, CA
Blue Devils, Mandarins, Pacific Crest, and more
Barnum Festival: Champions on Parade
June 29
Bridgeport, CT
7th Regiment, Reading Buccaneers, Spartans, and more
Drums on Parade
June 29
Madison, WI
Madison Scouts, Blue Stars, Colt Cadets, and more
TBD Los Angeles
June 29
Los Angeles area, CA
Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Devils B, Gold, and more
Cavalcade of Brass
June 30
Lisle, IL
Carolina Crown, The Cavaliers, Phantom Regiment, and more
Western Corps Connection
June 30
San Bernardino, CA
Golden Empire, Pacific Crest, Blue Devils, and more
Drums Across the Desert
July 1
Mesa, AZ
The Academy, Santa Clara Vanguard, and more
Summer Music Games in Cincinnati
July 2
Mason, OH
Bluecoats, Boston Crusaders, Columbus Saints, and more
Rotary Music Festival
July 3
Cedarburg, WI
Blue Stars, Madison Scouts, The Cavaliers, and more
Brass on the Beach
July 5
Crossmen, Music City, Spirit of Atlanta, and more
MidCal Champions Showcase
July 5
Central, CA
The Academy, Blue Devils, Mandarins, and more
Northwest Youth Music Games Portland
July 5
Portland, OR
Seattle Cascades, Troopers, Blue Knights, and more
Show of Shows
July 5
Rockford, IL
Phantom Regiment, Colt Cadets, Eclipse, and more
July 6
Lexington, SC
Heat Wave, Crossmen, Carolina Crown, and more
DCI West
July 6
Stanford, CA
Blue Devils B, Pacific Crest, Santa Clara Vanguard, and more
Northwest Youth Music Games Seattle
July 6
Seattle, WA
Columbians, Seattle Cascades, Blue Knights, and more
The Whitewater Classic
July 6
Whitewater, WI
Bluecoats, Phantom Regiment, The Cavaliers, and more
DCI Capital Classic
July 7
Sacramento, CA
Blue Devils C, The Academy, Gold, and more
River City Rhapsody
July 7
La Crosse, WI
River City Rhythm, Colts, Madison Scouts, and more
Drums Across the Smokies
July 8
Sevierville, TN
Crossmen, Carolina Crown, Music City, and more
Drums Along the Columbia
July 8
Pasco, WA
Blue Knights, Troopers, Columbians, and more
July 8
Bakersfield, CA
Vessel, Golden Empire, Impulse, and more
Drums Across America
July 9
Atlanta Metro area, GA
Spartans, Boston Crusaders, Atlanta CV, and more
Northwest Youth Music Games Boise
July 9

Mandarins, Blue Knights, Seattle Cascades, and more
The Kiwanis Thunder of Drums
July 9
Mankato, MN
Govenaires, Phantom Regiment, Madison Scouts, and more
Corps Encore
July 10
Santa Clara Vanguard, Mandarins, Blue Devils, and more
DCI Tupelo
July 11
Tupelo, MS
Spirit of Atlanta, Music City, Boston Crusaders, and more
Music on the March
July 11
Dubuque, IA
Colts, Blue Stars, The Cavaliers, and more
Drums Along the Rockies - Cheyenne Edition
July 12
Cheyenne, WY
Genesis, Pacific Crest, The Academy, and more
Riverside Open
July 12
Riverside, CA
Blue Devils B, Gold, Impulse, and more
DCI Little Rock
July 13
Little Rock, AR
Spirit of Atlanta, Music City, Carolina Crown, and more
Drum Corps Grand Prix
July 13
Clifton, NJ
Bushwackers, Jersey Surf, Reading Buccaneers, and more
Drums Along the Rockies
July 13
Fort Collins, CO
Blue Devils, Troopers, Mandarins, and more
Gold Showcase
July 13
Vista, CA
Blue Devils B, Gold, Vessel, and more
Midwest Classic
July 13
Northern, IL
Spartans, Phantom Regiment, Bluecoats, and more
Celebration in Brass
July 14
Ankeny, IA
Colts, Blue Stars, River City Rhythm, and more
So Cal Classic
July 14
Freelancers, Gold, Impulse, and more
Brass Impact
July 15
Olathe, KS
Madison Scouts, Troopers, Colt Cadets, and more
West Texas Drums
July 15
Canyon, TX
The Academy, Genesis, Santa Clara Vanguard, and more
DCI Abilene
July 16
Abilene, TX
Crossmen, Guardians, Spirit of Atlanta, and more
DCI Broken Arrow
July 16
Broken Arrow, OK
Bluecoats, Blue Devils, Carolina Crown, and more
DCI Hutchinson
July 16
Hutchinson, KS
Colt Cadets, Madison Scouts, Troopers, and more
DCI Central Texas
July 18
Central, TX
The Academy, Blue Knights, Jersey Surf, and more
DCI Denton
July 18
Denton, TX
Santa Clara Vanguard, Phantom Regiment, Boston Crusaders, and more
Beats in the Brook
July 19
Bellbrook, OH
The Battalion, Cincinnati Tradition, Spartans, and more
DCI Houston
July 19
Houston, TX
Blue Devils, The Cavaliers, Carolina Crown, and more
DCI Southwestern Championship
July 20
San Antonio, TX
Boston Crusaders, Phantom Regiment, Bluecoats, and more
Shoremen Brass Classic
July 20
Avon Lake, OH
Rogues Hollow Regiment, The Battalion, Cincinnati Tradition, and more
The Buccaneer Classic
July 20
Landisville, PA
Fusion Core, Bushwackers, Raiders, and more
DCI Mesquite
July 22
Mesquite, TX
The Cavaliers, Crossmen, Mandarins, and more
Brigadier's Pageant of Drums
July 23
Syracuse, NY
Les Stentors, Spartans, 7th Regiment, and more
DCI McKinney
July 23
McKinney, TX
Blue Knights, Blue Stars, Genesis, and more
DCI Monroe
July 24
Monroe, LA
Troopers, Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Stars, and more
DCI Southern Mississippi
July 24
Hattiesburg, MS
Spirit of Atlanta, Phantom Regiment, Pacific Crest, and more
DCI Birmingham
July 26
Birmingham, AL
Heat Wave, Jersey Surf, Crossmen, and more
The Masters of the Summer Music Games
July 26
Murfreesboro, TN
Bluecoats, Carolina Crown, Mandarins, and more
White Rose Classic
July 26
Dover, PA
Spartans, Gold, 7th Regiment, and more
Bushwackers Invitational
July 27
Mt. Olive, NJ
Hurricanes, Reading Buccaneers, White Sabers, and more
DCI Southeastern Championship
July 27
Atlanta, GA
Blue Devils, Colts, Bluecoats, and more
Music on the Mountain
July 27
Sheffield, PA
Raiders, The Battalion, Rogues Hollow Regiment, and more
Drums in the Heartland
July 28
Orrville, PH
Columbus Saints, RhythM IN BLUE, Spartans, and more
July 28
Winston-Salem, NC
Carolina Crown, Seattle Cascades, Blue Devils, and more
DCI Annapolis
July 30
Annapolis, MD
Troopers, Blue Knights, Crossmen, and more
Soaring Sounds
July 30
Centerville, OH
Genesis, Music City, Blue Stars, and more
Summer Music Games of Southwest Virginia
July 30
Salem, VA
The Cavaliers, Spirit of Atlanta, The Academy, and more
DCI Cincinnati
July 31
Cincinnati, OH
Gold, 7th Regiment, Les Stentors, and more
DCI Glassboro
July 31
Glassboro, NJ
Jersey Surf, Colts, Bluecoats, and more
DCI Huntington
July 31
Huntington, WV
Phantom Regiment, Madison Scouts, Genesis, and more
March On!
July 31
Apple Valley, MN
Colt Cadets, Govenaires, Columbians, and more
DCI East Coast Classic
August 1
Lawrence, MA
Boston Crusaders, Santa Clara Vanguard, The Cavaliers, and more
DCI Eastern Classic
August 2-3
Allentown, PA
Blue Devils, Bluecoats, The Cavaliers, and more
Tournament of Drums
August 3
Cedar Rapids, IA
Columbians, River City Rhythm, The Battalion, and more
DCI Eastern Illinois
August 3
Mattoon, IL
Colt Cadets, Guardians, River City Rhythm, and more
DCI Rochester
August 3
Rochester, NY
The Academy, Blue Knights, Music City, and more
Drums on the Ohio
August 3
Evansville, IN
Spartans, 7th Regiment, Columbus Saints, and more
Big Sounds in Motion
August 4
Reading, PA
Madison Scouts, Carolina Crown, Fusion Core, and more
DCI Open Class World Championships
August 5-6
Marion, IN
Blue Devils B, Spartans, Gold, and more
DCI Pittsburgh
August 5
Pittsburgh, PA
Santa Clara Vanguard, Jersey Surf, The Academy, and more
Innovations In Brass
August 5
Canton, OH
Blue Devils, Bluecoats, Mandarins, and more
TBD Erie
August 5
Edinboro, PA
Seattle Cascades, The Cavaliers, Blue Knights, and more
DCI World Championships
August 8-10
Indianapolis, IN
Carolina Crown, Blue Devils, Boston Crusaders, and more
Shining A Light on Music Education
August 9
Indianapolis, IN

DCI All-Age World Championships
August 10
Indianapolis, IN
Bushwackers, Reading Buccaneers, Atlanta CV, and more
SoundSport International Music & Food Festival
August 10
Indianapolis, IN