picture of 2020 DCI Performer Showcase presented by System Blue

2020 DCI Performer Showcase presented by System Blue.

Presented by System Blue

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Full Circle by Matt Allman

Aug 8, 2020

This is an original composition of mine entitled "Full Circle." The piece was inspired by my past years of drum corps, my time studying music in college, and of course some of my favorite drummers. The piece itself represents how different aspects of our lives such as our struggles, our successes, and even our music often come full circle in one way or another. To me, I feel that as I age out of drum corps in the next year and graduated college, many of my musical ideas and experiences will have come full circle as well. For me, this piece is a self reflection of my musical journey and my time doing drum corps, but regardless, I've had a lot of fun writing and playing this solo, and I hope that you enjoy!