picture of 2020 DCI Performer Showcase presented by System Blue

2020 DCI Performer Showcase presented by System Blue.

Presented by System Blue

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DCI I&E - Eduardo Sacalxot Baten - Kab'awil Dual Universe

Aug 8, 2020

DCI Performers Showcase Eduardo Sacalxot Baten Esfaq drum & bugle corps Name Solo: Kab'awil Dual Universe I am a proud Mayan Kiche from Guatemala, according to the Mayan worldview KABAWIL comes from two concepts: Kab that means two and Awil that means face. Thus, the combination of both words creates the concept Two faces or two appearances; it basically refers to the strength of two different but complementary powers. Based on that, sky and earth, fire and water are example of it. Fire keeps us warm but it can burn our skin, water keeps us alive but enough water like a hurricane can take our lives away. Everything that was created can be positive or negative at the same time, this is why each element has its opposite in order to keep a balance. My original musical composition is inspired by my culture, the KABAWIL and the relationship between silence and sound, calm and ecstacy within the universe itself. Our existence on earth need both complementary elements to be harmonized and balance. Therefore I believe that I have found in my constant search for balance that my music and I complement each other.