2022 DCI World Championships

Recap: 2022 DCI World Championship Finals

Recap: 2022 DCI World Championship Finals

Follow along as Ryan Dougherty commentates on the 2022 DCI World Championship Finals competition. Stream it LIVE on FloMarching at 6:30pm on August 13th

Aug 13, 2022 by Natalie Shelton
Recap: 2022 DCI World Championship Finals

Ryan Dougherty is a freelance commentator for FloMarching and his views are his own.

Follow along as Ryan Dougherty commentates on the 2022 DCI World Championship Finals competition. Stream it LIVE on FloMarching at 6:30pm on August 13th

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August 13th - 1:30am

Before we get going tomorrow evening, here's some information about the 2022 DCI season that you may want to know ahead of the last show of the season:

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As a reminder, here's the performance schedule for tonight's Finals competition:

2022 Finals Schedule - Saturday, August 13

* Note that all times are ET and subject to change

Performance Time
INpact Band
U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps
National Anthem
Phantom Regiment
The Cavaliers
Blue Stars
The Cadets
Santa Clara Vanguard
Carolina Crown
Boston Crusaders
Blue Devils

August 13th - 5:32 PM ET

Welcome, everyone! I'm back and ready for another amazing day of drum corps. There is so much to see so if you're following along, make sure to refresh your page often because I'll be blogging through all of it!

So much happened last night. To begin, congratulations to the Colts for their first finals appearance since 2007 and Troopers for their first finals appearance since 2009! I am incredibly happy to see them perform tonight and both their shows are fan favorites for sure. The Bluecoats alumni corps also brought down the house for the corps' 50th anniversary, one they share with Drum Corps International. Also, we got to celebrate our 2022 scholarship winners, as well as our 2022 age-outs. Everything came to a dramatic end when we learned that Bluecoats and Boston Crusaders tied for second place behind the Blue Devils.

It looks like we're getting started here with Dan Potter, I'll be back soon with our first performance!

5:32 PM ET - INpact Band

High Cam With Sound | Multicam With Sound

  • The INpact band has taken the field, and there are a LOT of them.
  • Starting out here with Take On Me. The performers and instructors look like they're having a great time. Even the director is dancing!
  • Al Chez has taken the field with the band and the group is now performing The Edge of Glory.
  • Great performance as always from the INpact Band.

6:00 PM ET - U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps

High Cam With Sound | Multicam With Sound

  • The Commandant's Own has taken the field here at DCI 2022.
  • Always a pleasure to see drum corps performed at such a high level.
  • A beautiful mello/bariton duet on the front sideline.
  • Love hearing Brooklyn, especially that tuba feature.
  • Closing out of course with The Stars and Stripes Forever.
  • A beautiful Star-Spangled Banner coming from the corps.
  • Honoring now the 13 founding DCI drum corps on the field.

6:40 PM ET - Troopers

Show Title: VorAcious

High Cam With Sound | Multicam With Sound

  • Brandt Crocker is now announcing as the Troopers take the field for the first time since 2009 in finals competition.
  • Love the tone that the pre-show sets. The Troopers have brought their full intensity and are ready to rock the house.
  • Love the drill here right at the beginning of the show.
  • A great rifle rifle trade from the four guard members in the middle.
  • The string soloist coming in here in the ballad with The Ecstasy of Gold is one of my favorite moments of the entire season
  • The way the drill falls into place for this hornline triangle is great.
  • The golden "blindfolds" are a great storytelling tool. GE points for sure.
  • Drumline playing on the giant oil drums moving into the percussion feature.
  • Intensity from the entire corps here now more than ever. They are ready to finish out strong here in Lucas Oil. Great emotion.
  • The Ecstasy of Gold returns at the end here as the corps congregates around the oil well.
  • No words. The corps is owning it. The crowd is on their feet. What a phenomenal season for the Troopers.

6:57 PM ET - Colts

Show Title: The Silk Road

High Cam With Sound | Multicam With Sound

  • Colts taking the field for finals for the first time since 2007
  • Great moment seeing the "silk worms" hatch out of the cocoons.
  • Opener drill is on point.
  • I mentioned it Thursday, but I love that synth bass responding to the drum break.
  • Every show needs a tambourine solo and I'm not afraid to say it.
  • So many great trombone moment this year and the Colts are of course no exception.
  • The drill is the highlight of this show for me, and the corps is performing it to perfection.
  • What an amazing return to finals for this corps, these members should be proud.

7:14 PM ET - Mandarins

Show Title: The Other Side

High Cam With Sound | Multicam With Sound

  • Mandarins entering from the top of side two now. Love this opening moment from the Sacramento corps.
  • Another great use of trombones here moving into the opening hit.
  • Love the way the drill moves under the huge rotating prop, a highlight moment of this season for sure.
  • On the topic of props, I love the way they're used around the field once they're taken apart.
  • Another one of this year's many talented string players here in the Mandarins' guitar soloist.
  • Great GE moment here with the robotic walking.
  • Love the vocal soloists' addition to the corps' sound in the ballad.
  • Huge technique moment as we come to a close
  • The vocalist is back as the corps finishes out their finals performance incredibly strong.

7:31 PM ET - Phantom Regiment

Show Title: No Walk Too Far

High Cam With Sound | Multicam With Sound

  • Phantom has now taken the field. I've been watching this show evolve since premiere and I'm incredibly excited to see what happens tonight here in Indy.
  • The opening hit gets me every time, along with that guard toss that happens around the corps. Always a great moment.
  • This is another show where the drill in particular is a standout to me, and the corps is owning every minute of it.
  • Phantom's brass bringing that signature intensity.
  • Another great performance from the trombone soloist.
  • Love this jazzy drum break here with the snares playing splits. Plus a great performance from the sabre soloist!
  • Another great drill moment as we close out this intense movement.
  • One detail I love here in the ballad is the way the purple silks accent with the red color guard uniform against the white of the corps.
  • I'm always amazed at just how fast this closer drill is. Some of the most challenging visuals this year to be sure.
  • The crowd is already on their feet in Lucas Oil.
  • Another amazing drill moment as Phantom finishes out their finals performance strong.
  • Tears from members here as Phantom ends their show. What an incredible finals performance.

7:48 PM ET - Cavaliers

High Cam With Sound | Multicam With Sound

  • The Green Machine has arrived in Indy.
  • An incredibly entertaining visual performance as always from the Cavaliers
  • I like the "clock hand" props and the way they move around the clock throughout the show.
  • The "time-slow" moment with the three different colored flags always stands out to me.
  • The pendulum drill is another one of this year's best visual moments. Love the way the drumline is featured as they act as the pendulum themselves.
  • Great use of soloists in the ballad leading into the full-corps hit.
  • I'm always impressed when the members pushing the clock hand are able to time that moment correctly, fully running down the field.
  • Fun dance break after the ballad. It definitely makes you think of Frameworks, especially the snare part.
  • Huge power from the brass as we enter the final portion of the show.
  • The rifles are incredible here.
  • Tag ending here as we here a mashup of some of the music used throughout the show.

8:05 PM ET - Blue Stars

Show Title: Of War And Peace

High Cam With Sound | Multicam With Sound

  • This is another show I've been following since premiere, excited to see it performed tonight!
  • If you read my blog on Thursday, you'll know I love the full production design of this show. So much thought has been put into every aspect of this program from the costuming to the set pieces, and everything works so well together.
  • I also love the way the movements of this show flow together so seamlessly. Just another way the production design shines.
  • Always love those rotating boxes on side one as the high brass has their feature on side two.
  • I love how big the corps appears here. I believe they are just about at a full 100-yard spread. Difficult to pull off, but executed incredibly well.
  • The brass really shines here as they march in from side two for the ballad.
  • The corps is once again at a HUGE spread across the field.
  • Love this drill here in the closer as the corps gets to show off their technique, ending with the famous star set. Great finals run tonight from the Blue Stars!

8:32 PM ET - Cadets

Show Title: Rearview Mirror

High Cam With Sound | Multicam With Sound

  • We're back from a short intermission and the Cadets have taken the field for finals!
  • Another thing I mentioned on Thursday, but this whole show is just classic Cadets. From the use of narration, to the drill, to the music, its all so "Cadets" in the best way possible.
  • Love the "NYC" drill moment.
  • This jazzy section is definitely the highlight of the show for me. Such a fun piece to watch the corps perform.
  • Huge moments from both the guard and drumline here.
  • The bomber jackets are off now as the trumpet screamers reach notes that shouldn't be possible.
  • Wishing I was in the back tunnel now as the Cadets play their ballad hit backfield.
  • Love the unraveling Z-Pull drill into our first company front as we enter the ending portion of the show.
  • Some highly technical drill before we enter the second company front to finish it out. Great stuff.

8:50 PM ET - Santa Clara Vanguard

Show Title: Finding Nirvana

High Cam With Sound | Multicam With Sound

  • Love the Smells Like Teen Spirit opening, the first time of many we'll here this Nirvana classic as a musical motif.
  • Vanguard's percussion doing what they do best. They're in contention tonight for the Sanford and they're here to fight for it.
  • Love Michael Gaines' drill writing.
  • Great visual moment as the snare section moves in a circle through the rest of the corps.
  • I always love hearing this trumpet trio. They play off each other very well.
  • Huge ballad hit as the corps returns to Smells Like Teen Spirit. Chills.
  • Very effective moment as the corps hits the eye set at the end of the ballad.
  • The corps has removed part of their uniform and form an eye shape around the field with them.
  • A reprise of the ballad as the crowd yells the famous "VANGUARD!"
  • I love the effects these flags have in the closer.
  • The props opening up as the corps comes together around a guard member that appears to float in the air. Great work from the pit throughout the entire ending sequence.

9:10 PM ET - Carolina Crown

Show Title: Right Here, Right Now!

High Cam With Sound | Multicam With Sound

  • Crown instructs the crowd to download their app for one final night as they take the field.
  • Tonight's "playlist" song is We Will Rock You as the audience's phones sync along.
  • Big fan of this drumline opening before the entire corps comes in for Chandelier.
  • An incredibly energetic second movement from Crown. The performers are owning every moment of this.
  • This trumpet soloist plays his part perfectly every single night.
  • The soloist is mixed perfectly against the rest of the corps in this ballad. The crowd gives Crown a standing ovation tonight!
  • The "Now just own it" moment is one of the absolute highlights of the season. From the audience interaction, to the flashing lights coming from the stands, to the streamers, to the dancing. Simply an incredible moment of pageantry.
  • Amazing visual moment at the end here as Crown makes the famous crown formation before moving to the sideline to look the audience right in the face. What a finals run for this corps.

9:29 PM ET - Bluecoats

High Cam With Sound | Multicam With Sound

Show Title: Riffs and Revelations

  • The crowd "Bloos" as the corps enters the field.
  • The drum major throws sunglasses into the audience as the corps takes their places. Hopefully someone got a nice memento to take home!
  • What a great start for this corps tonight! And the crowd is loving it.
  • The "axle" moment is another fan favorite. Love seeing the performers own this second movement of the show.
  • A quick dance break before the brass gets back to blowing our faces off.
  • Under the axle again as the drumline plays along perfectly to the cadence of the voiceover.
  • This third section of the show is one of the fan favorite moments of the season, and for good reason!
  • One thing I enjoy about this show is the consistency of seeing performers "at the wheel" at the car seats throughout the whole show.
  • The crowd goes crazy as the keytar soloist takes his spot on the stoplight!
  • The sound of the keytar against the rest of the corps is simply incredible. The crowd is on their feet as the keytar shreds through the remaining part of the solo. What an amazing moment!
  • The guard are the first to emerge in pajamas as we enter the ballad.
  • Incredible sound from the brass.
  • The entire corps emerges from behind "Lou" in their pajamas now, an effect that works incredibly well.
  • The guard is going absolutely nuts as the hornline sets up their last "axle" moment.
  • The keytar is back now and the crowd is on their feet. Bluecoats end with an electric run one could only dream of.

9:48 PM ET - Boston Crusaders

High Cam With Sound | Multicam With Sound

Show Title: Paradise Lost

  • Another corps fighting for the championship tonight, the Boston Crusaders are on the field and ready to throw down.
  • Boston tied with Bluecoats last night, so competition tonight is fierce.
  • I don't know how it's possible for Boston's guard to do what they do. Absolutely incredible. Color guard at its highest level.
  • Phenomenal, emotional performance performance of What a Wonderful World from the corps as the guard continues to amaze.
  • Here comes the drumline slithering down the field as the snake is introduced.
  • Love seeing the drumline and baritone soloist interact in this movement.
  • Adam and Eve eat the very real apple!
  • Another fan favorite moment here as the accordion starts us off.
  • Incredible fast-paced and engaging drum corps right now.
  • It's always impressive to watch those trombone suicides as the trumpet screams over the whole corps.
  • Great drill moments as we near the end of Boston's 2022 finals run.
  • It goes without saying, but the guard is incredible throughout the whole thing.
  • Some of the most emotion I've ever seen in all my years of being a drum corps fan in this company front section. I've never heard chords like this played as we hear a reprise of What a Wonderful World.
  • Finishing it out strong with this tag ending as Adam and Eve leave the garden. Incredible. No words.

9:48 PM ET - Blue Devils

High Cam With Sound | Multicam With Sound

Show Title: Tempest Blue

  • The defending DCI champs are here and looking for their 20th world championship.
  • These are some of my favorite props this season. The way the corps moves them around and uses them to stage moments is great design.
  • BD's brass is holding nothing back tonight. What an amazing wall of sound.
  • The piccolo trumpet solo is always impressive.
  • Love this wavy follow-the-leader drill here. Everything is just so clean.
  • There is a nice array of different styles and tempos that BD plays with throughout the course of the show. Every movement can stand on its own as a great piece of drum corps.
  • One of my favorite solo moments as we hear the flugelhorn and trombone starting off the ballad.
  • Watching BD jazz run is a true sight. I don't know how they're able to float like that.
  • The sabres at the end of the ballad killed it!
  • The drum set player and guitarist play off each other very well. Incredibly talented performers.
  • Love this rotating company front into the spiral drill. Another great visual moment.
  • The guitarist continues to shred as the corps moves into its rendition of Tank!
  • Technique on display as the corps heads backfield in a company front as the guard amazes the audience in front.
  • Tears seen from the field as BD finishes their finals run, ending an incredible night of competitive performances.

That ends the competitive portion of our shows tonight. I'll be back as soon as finals retreat begins!

10:40 PM ET - Finals Retreat

We're back with finals retreat! The Marine Drum Corps is playing and the corps is taking the field.

Your finalists in performance order:

  • Troopers
  • Colts
  • Mandarins
  • Phantom Regiment
  • Cavaliers
  • Blue Stars
  • The Cadets
  • Santa Clara Vanguard
  • Carolina Crown
  • Bluecoats
  • Boston Crusaders
  • Blue Devils

We're now watching the finals montage. Congratulations to every single corps for an incredible weekend of shows. It's been a pleasure to watch and blog through all of these shows. What a year for our activity.

And now for results.

In 12th place with a score of 86.425, the Troopers

Receiving the Jim Jones leadership award is Alexandra Pugh from Santa Clara Vanguard

In 11th place with a score of 87.2, the Colts

In 10th place with a score of 90.013, the Mandarins

The George Zingali best color guard award goes to the Boston Crusaders

In 9th place with a score of 90.6, the Cavaliers

The John Brazale best visual performance award goes to the Blue Devils

In 8th place with a score of 90.675, Phantom Regiment

The Jim Ott best brass performance award goes to the Blue Devils

In 7th place with a score of 92.775, the Blue Stars

In 6th place with a score of 92.913, The Cadets

The Fred Sanford best percussion award goes to the Bluecoats.

In 5th place with a score of 95, Santa Clara Vanguard.

In 4th place with a score of 96.35, Carolina Crown

The Don Angelica award for best general effect goes to the Blue Devils

We have a tie for second place!

Receiving the silver medals tonight with a score of 97.325, the Bluecoats and the Boston Crusaders

Receiving the gold medal with a score 98.75, the Blue Devils

The Blue Devils have won their 20th world championship and 25th high brass awards tonight. What a phenomenal season from top to bottom. Congratulations again to them and every single corps tonight for all they have achieved over the past year. It's great to be back to competitive drum corps with our first finals retreat in three years!

Thank you so much again for following along with me this weekend, it's been an honor to commentate the week's events for you. Until next season!