2019 WGI Guard East Power Regional

Weekly Watch Guide: WGI Power Regional Weekend #1

Weekly Watch Guide: WGI Power Regional Weekend #1

The WGI season is really heating up and Power Regionals are here to fill your screens for two HUGE weekends of competition!

Mar 8, 2019 by Andy Schamma

This one's going to be a doozy, so try to keep up. 

There will be two Percussion/Winds Power Regionals (East and South), plus a "regular" percussion/winds regional down in Atlanta. For the color guard division, there will be three Power Regionals—Mid-Atlantic near Charlotte, East near Allentown, and Southwest—the latter of which will be split between two venues.

300+ Groups will take the floor this weekend in preliminary performances alone. About half will move onto their respective finals competition on Sunday—ALL Power Regional events are two-day events with prelims on Saturday and Finals on Sunday. Atlanta will just be one-day, though. 

WGI Perc/Winds South Power Regional

WGI Perc/Winds Atlanta Regional

WGI Perc/Winds East Power Regional

WGI Guard Mid-Atlantic Power Regional

WGI Guard Southwest Power Regional

WGI Guard East Power Regional