picture of 2019 WGI Guard Mid East Power Regional - Cintas Center

Completed, Mar 23-24, 2019

Watch the 2019 WGI Guard Mid-East Power Regional at the Cintas Center on March 23-24. Prelims and semifinals for Scholastic A groups will be at Hamilton High School.

See the preliminary and finals results from the 2019 WGI Guard Mid East Power Regional at Cintas Center & Hamilton HS.

2019 WGI Guard Mid East Power Regional Finals

Independent A
1Onyx (Dayton, OH)84.050-
2SSJC-South Shore Jr. Cadets (Chicago, IL)81.700-
3Purdue University Winter Guard (West Lafayette, IN)79.645-
4Railmen Winter Guard (Blair, NE)77.690-

Scholastic A
1Zionsville Community HS (Zionsville, IN)94.175I
2Kiski Area HS (Vandergrift, PA)92.400I
3Lockport Township HS (Lockport , IL)91.195I
4Lafayette HS (Lexington, KY)89.620I
5Goshen HS (Goshen, IN)88.215I
6Rockford HS (Rockford, MI)87.380I
7Westerville North HS (Westerville, OH)86.430I
8Lincoln-Way Community HS (New Lenox, IL)85.370I
9Ada HS (Ada, OH)85.125I
10Fairfield HS (Fairfield, OH)83.060I

Scholastic Open
1Fishers HS (Fishers, IN)90.600I
2Ben Davis HS (Indianapolis, IN)87.700I
3Milford HS (OH) (Milford, OH)86.150I
4Marian Catholic HS (Chicago Heights, IL)83.700I
5Naperville Central HS (Naperville, IL)83.050I
6LaPorte HS (La Porte, IN)82.800I
7Centerville HS (Centerville, OH)78.250I
8Mason HS (Mason, OH)75.850I
Independent Open
1Paramount Open Winterguard (Atlanta, GA)90.150-
2Allegiance (Dundee, IL)89.100-
3Black Gold Open (Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX)87.350-
4Eklipse (Murfreesboro, TN)85.800-
5Independence Winter Guard (Tinley Park, IL)84.100-
6Avidity Independent (St. Louis, MO)82.800-
7Phoenix Independent (Sylvania, OH)82.600-
8Reverie (Atlanta, GA)82.500-
9Railmen Winter Guard (Blair, NE)80.150-

Scholastic World
1Avon HS (Avon, IN)94.950I
2Center Grove HS (Greenwood, IN)92.550I
3Carmel HS (Carmel, IN)91.450I
4Miamisburg HS (Miamisburg, OH)88.950I
5Norwin HS (North Huntingdon, PA)87.150I
6Warren Central HS (Indianapolis, IN)85.200I
7Northview HS (Brazil, Indiana)81.850I
8Bellbrook HS (Bellbrook, OH)79.300I
9Plymouth-Canton Educational Park (Canton, MI)78.550I
10Greenfield-Central HS (Greenfield, IN)72.100II
Independent World
1Pride of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH)94.950-
2Paramount (Atlanta, GA)93.550-
3Blessed Sacrament (Cambridge, MA)91.600-
4Bluecoats Indoor (Indianapolis, IN)91.400-
5Onyx (Dayton, OH)89.150-
6Black Gold (Dallas/Ft.Worth , TX)86.750-
7Lexis (Lexington, KY)84.800-
8Juxtaposition (Westerville, Ohio)81.800-

2019 WGI Guard Mid East Power Regional Semis - Scholastic A Only

Scholastic A
Round 1

1Lockport Township HS ( Lockport , IL)91.770I
2Lafayette HS ( Lexington, KY)90.030I
3Rockford HS ( Rockford, MI)87.610I
4Westerville North HS ( Westerville, OH)86.680I
5A.A. Stagg HS ( Palos Hills, IL)84.540I
6O Fallon Township HS ( O’Fallon, IL)83.920I
7Floyd Central HS ( Floyds Knobs, IN)83.770I
8La Salle HS ( Cincinnati, OH)81.920I
9Middletown HS ( Middletown, OH)80.870I
10Kettering Fairmont HS ( Kettering, OH)80.480I
Round 2

1Zionsville Community HS ( Zionsville, IN)92.010I
2Kiski Area HS ( Vandergrift, PA)91.930I
3Goshen HS ( Goshen, IN)88.540I
4Ada HS ( Ada, OH)86.450I
5Lincoln-Way Community HS ( New Lenox, IL)86.310I
6Fairfield HS ( Fairfield, OH)85.190I
7Flushing HS ( Flushing, MI)83.920I
8Westfield HS (IN) ( Westfield, IN)82.790I
9Franklin HS WG ( Franklin, OH)80.590I
10Central Crossing HS ( Grove City, OH)79.560I

2019 WGI Guard Mid East Power Regional Prelims

Independent A
1Onyx (Dayton, OH)83.440-
2SSJC-South Shore Jr. Cadets (Chicago, IL)81.960-
3Purdue University Winter Guard (West Lafayette, IN)79.400-
4Railmen Winter Guard (Blair, NE)78.390-
5Odin Winter Guard (Hazel Park, MI)78.360-
6Independence Winter Guard A (Tinley park, IL)75.490-

Scholastic Open
1Fishers HS (Fishers, IN)88.200I
2Ben Davis HS (Indianapolis, IN)85.300I
3Milford HS (OH) (Milford, OH)84.700I
4Marian Catholic HS (Chicago Heights, IL)82.900I
5Naperville Central HS (Naperville, IL)82.200I
6LaPorte HS (La Porte, IN)82.100I
7Centerville HS (Centerville, OH)79.000I
8Mason HS (Mason, OH)77.500I
9Hamilton Southeastern HS (Fishers, IN)77.200I
10Decatur Central HS (Indianapolis, IN)75.600I
Independent Open
1Paramount Open Winterguard (Atlanta, GA)88.300-
2Allegiance (Dundee, IL)88.000-
3Black Gold Open (Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX)85.300-
4Eklipse (Murfreesboro, TN)84.700-
5Independence Winter Guard (Tinley Park, IL)82.700-
6Avidity Independent (St. Louis, MO)82.600-
6Reverie (Atlanta, GA)82.600-
8Phoenix Independent (Sylvania, OH)82.300-
9Railmen Winter Guard (Blair, NE)80.500-
10Ovation (Lansing, MI)80.200-
11Lancaster Independent Open (Lancaster, NY)79.800-
12Marian University Enso (Indianapolis, IN)77.200-

Scholastic World
1Avon HS (Avon, IN)94.300I
2Carmel HS (Carmel, IN)91.200I
3Center Grove HS (Greenwood, IN)91.000I
4Miamisburg HS (Miamisburg, OH)87.900I
5Norwin HS (North Huntingdon, PA)86.400I
6Warren Central HS (Indianapolis, IN)83.300I
7Northview HS (Brazil, Indiana)79.900I
8Plymouth-Canton Educational Park (Canton, MI)79.100I
9Bellbrook HS (Bellbrook, OH)78.700I
10Greenfield-Central HS (Greenfield, IN)71.800II
Independent World
1Pride of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH)94.000-
2Paramount (Atlanta, GA)93.100-
3Bluecoats Indoor (Indianapolis, IN)90.600-
4Blessed Sacrament (Cambridge, MA)90.500-
5Onyx (Dayton, OH)88.700-
6Black Gold (Dallas/Ft.Worth , TX)85.700-
7Lexis (Lexington, KY)83.900-
8Juxtaposition (Westerville, Ohio)81.400-

Scholastic A
Round 1

1Lafayette HS ( Lexington, KY)88.900I
2Westerville North HS ( Westerville, OH)84.540I
3Lincoln-Way Community HS ( New Lenox, IL)83.970I
4Kings HS ( Kings Mills, OH)82.530I
4Terre Haute South HS ( Terre Haute, IN)82.530I
6Daviess County HS ( Owensboro, KY)79.940I
7Forest Hills School District ( Cincinnati, OH)78.630I
8West Bloomfield HS ( West Bloomfield, MI)76.260I
9Northmont HS ( Clayton, OH)73.300II
10Lebanon HS ( Lebanon, OH)71.710II
Round 2

1Kiski Area HS ( Vandergrift, PA)89.250I
2Goshen HS ( Goshen, IN)88.380I
3Flushing HS ( Flushing, MI)84.520I
4La Salle HS ( Cincinnati, OH)83.190I
5Middletown HS ( Middletown, OH)83.140I
6Seymour HS ( Seymour, TN)80.240I
7Walter E. Stebbins HS ( Dayton, OH)73.920II
8Miamisburg HS A ( Miamisburg, OH)72.040II
9Hamilton HS ( Hamilton, OH)71.490II
10Pattonville HS ( Maryland Heights, MO)68.850II
Round 3

1Zionsville Community HS ( Zionsville, IN)91.530I
2Ada HS ( Ada, OH)85.520I
3A.A. Stagg HS ( Palos Hills, IL)84.350I
4O Fallon Township HS ( O’Fallon, IL)84.160I
5Franklin HS WG ( Franklin, OH)83.180I
6Kettering Fairmont HS ( Kettering, OH)82.900I
7Colerain HS ( Cincinnati, Ohio)80.300I
8Eastern HS ( Middletown, KY)79.960I
9Wentzville Holt HS Varsity ( Wentzville, MO)74.840II
10Marion Harding HS ( Marion, OH)74.260II
Round 4

1Lockport Township HS ( Lockport , IL)91.070I
2Rockford HS ( Rockford, MI)86.960I
3Fairfield HS ( Fairfield, OH)84.250I
4Floyd Central HS ( Floyds Knobs, IN)83.970I
5Westfield HS (IN) ( Westfield, IN)83.820I
6Central Crossing HS ( Grove City, OH)82.950I
7Olentangy HS ( Lewis Center, OH)80.960I
8Lakota West HS ( West Chester, OH)79.690I
9Grant County HS ( Dry Ridge, KY)78.260I
10Springboro HS ( Springboro, OH)77.560I