picture of 2021 WGI Virtual Event Group Semifinals B

Completed , Apr 10-11, 2021

Welcome to the 2021 WGI Virtual Event Group Semifinals B event hub! Performance videos will be published to this page starting at 9 AM ET on April 10. Tune in LIVE to the WGI Virtual Season Awards Ceremony on April 11 at 5 PM ET. Click 'Read More' below to find more information on the schedule, the entire 2021 season, and some of the other virtual events coming to FloMarching this winter!


TOP 10: Most Watched Guard WGI Virtual Group Semis A

Apr 7, 2021

See highlights from the most watched performances in the 2021 WGI Virtual Group Semis A. Vote on your favorite performance from the weekend by clicking here!

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TOP 10: Percussion | TOP 10: Winds

1. The Woodlands HS - "Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms. Celine Dion"

2. Onyx - "Following a Bird Out of the Room"

3. Central Square HS - "A Stage of My Own"

4. Blue Springs Varsity

5. Northview HS - "Peace Train"

6. Friendswood HS - "Party of One"

7. The Collective - "Exhibit 28"

8. Sebastian River HS - "Nobody Loved Me Like You"

9. Middletown HS - "Waiting"

10. Father Ryan HS - "Caffeinated"