picture of 2019 DCI World Championships

Completed, Aug 8-10, 2019

Watch the 2019 DCI World Championships LIVE on FloMarching starting at 9 AM ET on Thursday, August 8. Due to copyright restrictions, this will only be available within the US. The top 15 corps during Thursday's prelims will NOT be available on FloMarching due to Big, Loud, & Live 16, streamed in theaters across the country by Fathom Events.

Encore "19in19"

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Encore "19in19"

Sep 14, 2019

You will get an intimate look behind the curtain of "Ghostlight" with the 2019 DCI World Champion Blue Devils. The Blue Devils are an organization whose foundation is based in excellence and pushing to perfection at the most opportune time of the season—finals day. Follow along with the winningest corps in DCI as they go from prelims, to semis, to finals and earn their 19th DCI World Championship... in 2019.


Rhythm Song
By Paul Smadbeck
Copyright by Marimba Productions
Used with permission. All Rights Reserved.

Symphony No. 3
By Aram Khachaturian
Used with permission. All Rights Reserved.

Cycle Song
Imogen Heap
Used with permission. All Rights Reserved.

By Dave Glyde
Used with permission. All Rights Reserved.