picture of 2017 WGI West Percussion/Winds Power Regional - Coussoulis Arena

Completed, Mar 25-26, 2017

The fury of the WGI Sport of the Arts Power Regionals is in full effect. Beginning on Saturday, March 25, FloMarching will be the home to the most amazing performances all weekend long as ALL 6 Power Regionals will be streaming LIVE! So make sure you have everything set and your schedule clear so that you can see every minute of the action exclusively on FloMarching.

Ike Jackson Talks About Ayala's Show Concept

Top Stories Of 2017: # 6 Ike Jackson Breaks Down Ayala's 2017 Show

Mar 30, 2017

To celebrate an incredible year in the marching arts, we have decided to highlight the top 25 stories from 2017. These are the most popular stories based on traffic to FloMarching that you, the fans, kept coming back to see over and over!

#6 Ike Jackson On Ayala's 2017 Concept

If you watched Ayala's show during the 2017 season you saw a rather different indoor show. Very raw in form and designed to show very different perspectives, Ayala is followed up 2016's world championship run with a very unique look at indoor percussion.