picture of 2017 WGI West Percussion/Winds Power Regional - Coussoulis Arena

Completed, Mar 25-26, 2017

The fury of the WGI Sport of the Arts Power Regionals is in full effect. Beginning on Saturday, March 25, FloMarching will be the home to the most amazing performances all weekend long as ALL 6 Power Regionals will be streaming LIVE! So make sure you have everything set and your schedule clear so that you can see every minute of the action exclusively on FloMarching.

***An alarm in the building at Coussoulis Arena has caused a 1-hour delay to the performances beginning with Velocity Independent.

Here is the prelims schedule for the WGI West Percussion/Winds Power Regional at Coussoulis Arena.

The WGI West Percussion/Winds Power Regional is hosted at 2 separate venues on Saturday, March 25. All Concert Percussion and A class ensembles will begin in prelims at the Grand Terrace H.S. location. Then, A class semi-finals will take place Saturday evening at the Coussoulis Arena venue.

will be held at Coussoulis Arena venue on Sunday, March 26.

All times are LOCAL to the event.


Ensemble Class Perform
Cornerstone Percussion PIA 9:00 AM
Pinnacle Percussion PIA 9:09 AM
Vision Percussion PIA 9:18 AM
Martin Luther King HS PSCA 9:27 AM
Torrance HS PSA 9:36 AM
Chaffey HS PSA 9:45 AM
Enochs HS PSA 9:54 AM
Amador Valley HS PSA 10:03 AM
Sherwood HS PSA 10:12 AM
Foothills HS PSA 10:21 AM
Break  10:30 AM
Central HS PSO 10:40 AM
Sunny Hills HS PSO 10:50 AM
Williams Field HS PSO 11:00 AM
West Ranch HS PSO 11:10 AM
San Marino HS PSO 11:20 AM
Clovis West HS PSO 11:30 AM
Nogales HS PSO 11:40 AM
Fountain Valley HS PSO 11:50 AM
La Quinta HS PSO 12:00 PM
Great Oaks HS PSO 12:10 PM
Arcadia HS PSO 12:20 PM
Break  12:30 PM
Etiwanda HS PSCO 12:40 PM
Martin Luther King HS PSCO 12:50 PM
Canyon HSPSCO 1:00 PM
Corona del Sol HS PSCO 1:10 PM
Odyssey Indoor Percussion PIO 1:20 PM
Orange County Independent PIO 1:30 PM
Breakthrough Indoor Percussion PIO 1:40 PM
Vegas Vanguard PIO 1:50 PM
Bakersfield College PIO 2:00 PM
Break  2:10 PM
Clovis HS PSW 2:20 PM
Leigh HS PSW 2:31 PM
Clovis East HS PSW 2:42 PM
Rowland HS PSW 2:53 PM
Diamond Bar HS PSW 3:04 PM
Homestead HS PSW 3:15 PM
Etiwanda HS PSW 3:26 PM
Ayala HS PSW 3:37 PM
Arcadia HS PSW 3:48 PM
Chino Hills HS PSW 3:59 PM
Break  4:10 PM
Rowland HS PSCW 4:24 PM
Woodbridge HS PSCW 4:35 PM
Ayala HS PSCW 4:46 PM
Dark Sky Percussion PIW 4:57 PM
POW Percussion PIW 5:08 PM
Broken City PIW 5:19 PM
Pulse Percussion PIW 5:41 PM
Finals Conclude  5:52 PM


Scholastic A Winds
Damien HS 09:00 AM
Whittier HS 09:09 AM
Valley Christian HS 09:18 AM
Class Break 09:27 AM
Scholastic Open Winds
La Quinta HS 09:31 AM
Class Break 09:41 AM
Independent World Winds
The Royal Cavaliers 09:45 AM
End Time 09:56 AM


Scholastic Marching Open
West Ranch HS 10:10 AM
Sunny Hills HS 10:20 AM
Lemoore HS 10:30 AM
La Quinta HS 10:40 AM
South Torrance HS 10:50 AM
Fountain Valley HS 11:00 AM
Williams Field HS 11:10 AM
Break 11:20 AM
Great Oak HS 11:35 AM
Nogales HS 11:45 AM
San Marino HS 11:55 AM
Clovis West HS 12:05 PM
Merced HS 12:15 PM
Central HS 12:25 PM
Arcadia HS 12:35 PM
Break 12:45 PM
Independent Marching Open
Velocity Independent 01:00 PM***
Odyssey Indoor Percussion 01:10 PM
Breakthrough Indoor Percussion 01:20 PM
Vegas Vanguard 01:30 PM
Elan Percussion 01:40 PM
Orange County Independent 01:50 PM
Bakersfield College 02:00 PM
Break 02:10 PM
Scholastic Marching World
Homestead HS 02:25 PM
Tulare Western HS 02:36 PM
Ayala HS 02:47 PM
Etiwanda HS 02:58 PM
Chino Hills HS 03:09 PM
Clovis HS 03:20 PM
Break 03:31 PM
Clovis East HS 03:45 PM
Arcadia HS 03:56 PM
Rowland HS 04:07 PM
Leigh HS 04:18 PM
Diamond Bar HS 04:29 PM
Break 04:40 PM
Independent Marching World
POW Percussion 04:55 PM
RCC 05:06 PM
Pulse Percussion 05:17 PM
Broken City 05:28 PM
Dark Sky Percussion 05:39 PM
End Time 05:50 PM