2024 WGI Virtual Perc/Winds Finals

WGI Weekend Watch Guide: What's Streaming on FloMarching, April 5

WGI Weekend Watch Guide: What's Streaming on FloMarching, April 5

Check out which Winter Guard International shows are happening this weekend, April 5. Stream WGI 2024 action LIVE on FloMarching Feb 9 - April 21

Apr 3, 2024 by Natalie Shelton
WGI Weekend Watch Guide: What's Streaming on FloMarching, April 5

The 2024 Winter Guard International schedule is packed with dozens of competitions over the span of two and a half months, with exciting performance opportunities across the United States. Winter Guard, Percussion, and Winds fans can watch select shows LIVE, exclusively on FloMarching, throughout the season all leading up to the 2024 WGI Color Guard World Championships on April 11-13 and the 2024 Percussion/Winds World Championships on April 18-21. Don't miss a moment of the action - sign up for a FloMarching account today!

Missed the show? No problem! Every WGI event that is streamed this season on FloMarching will have an associated REBROADCAST 24 hours after the original air date/time. So if a Regional begins at 9am ET on Saturday, the associated Rebroadcast will air at 9am ET on Sunday. Check out our schedule page for the full list of live broadcasts and Rebroadcasts!

Check out all of the upcoming WGI competitions being held on the April 5 weekend below or click here to view the full season streaming schedule.

Everything You Need To Know About WGI 2024

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WGI Virtual Percussion/Winds Finals

The 2024 WGI Virtual Percussion/Winds Finals is your final chance to see some of your favorite Percussion and Winds ensembles before WGI Percussion/Winds World Championships in April. Performances will be available to watch exclusively on FloMarching starting Friday, April 5th at 9am ET / 8am CT