WGI 2024 Show Announcement Running List - Percussion

WGI 2024 Show Announcement Running List - Percussion

Running list of Percussion show announcements for the 2024 WGI season. The 2024 WGI season starts Feb 9 and runs through World Championships, April 18-20

Jan 2, 2024 by Natalie Shelton
WGI 2024 Show Announcement Running List - Percussion

Below, you'll find a running list of show titles, program information, and show graphics from WGI Percussion programs around the world as they get released. Continue to check back in on this page for updates!

Independent World

Atlanta Quest

Show Title: Drive

Program Information: "Join Midnight City TV for a riveting journey through the neon-lit streets, where a lone driver embraces an endless pursuit amid the city’s mysteries. Each turn becomes a transformative encounter, revealing that growth thrives in resistance. In a mesmerizing finale, the driver evades the city’s grasp, speeding into the unknown. Drive: A nocturnal saga of dreams, challenges, and self-discovery."

Audio Theater

Show Title: Space Odyssey: Echoes of the Future

Program Information: "Space Odyssey: Echoes of the Future" invites the audience on a journey of human exploration and artificial intelligence, inspired by the iconic film "2001: A Space Odyssey." Through six scenes, set to Radiohead's ethereal sounds, original music by AJ Pace, and the grandeur of Richard Strauss's "Also Sprach Zarathustra," the show unfolds with lights, visuals, choreography, and music seamlessly blending to depict the awakening and eventual deactivation of the enigmatic HAL 9000."

Blue Knights

Show Title: Forget Me Not

Program Information: TBA

Broken City

Show Title: Tell

Program Information: TBA

Cap City Percussion

Show Title: Skin & Bones

Program Information: "For you are dust, and to dust you shall return"


Show Title: Remnant

Program Information:"Somewhere | Back in time | I left a part of me | I wanna see if you can try | To bring it back to me"

Dark Sky Percussion

Show Title: Ad Astra

Program Information: "We look to the stars to see ourselves”

Flux Indoor Percussion

Show Title: See As We Are

Program Information: TBA

George Mason University

Show Title: The Devil You Know

Program Information: TBA

Gold Indoor Percussion

Show Title: Toll

Program Information: TBA


Show Title: we were here

Program Information: TBA

Infinity 2

Show Title: Davy Jones Requiem

Program Information: TBA

MBI Indoor Percussion

Show Title: Polaris

Program Information: "Find your way"

Monarch Independent

Show Title: Giver

Program Information: TBA

Music City Mystique

Show Title: The Red Line

Program Information: TBA

POW Percussion

Show Title: Drawn to the Flame

Program Information: TBA

Pulse Percussion

Show Title: Grow

Program Information: TBA


Show Title: Carousel

Program Information: "Figures and faces, they come and go / A carousel of memories, a vivid show. / Routine and rhythm in this carousel ride, / In circles we journey, side by side.

Red Wave Indoor

Show Title: When We Were Young

Program Information: TBA


Show Title: The Rose That Grew From Concrete

Program Information: TBA

Rhythm X

Show Title: Blackbird

Program Information: TBA

Rhythmic Force

Show Title: This Version of You

Program Information: "Delve into the depths of identity and self-discovery through the lens of Artificial Intelligence. The production follows newly emerging life forms as they discover how to take on different versions of their own character and appearance."

Rise Percussion

Show Title: Hush

Program Information: TBA

STRYKE Percussion

Show Title: 7 Minutes to Midnight

Program Information: "STRYKE Percussion presents ‘7 Minutes to Midnight’. Inspired by the symbolic Doomsday Clock, their 2024 production explores the fragility of humanity, the rise of power, and the enduring hope that persists in the face of impending catastrophe, narrated through the eyes of the ‘clock's creator.’"

United Percussion

Show Title: The Shape of Things To Come

Program Information: TBA


Show Title: hope *

Program Information: TBA

Scholastic World

Avon High School

Show Title: Imprints

Program Information: TBA

Ayala High School

Show Title: As Above So Below

Program Information: TBA

Center Grove High School

Show Title: Reign

Program Information: TBA

Chino Hills High School

Show Title: Running & Running

Program Information: TBA

Franklin Central High School

Show Title: The Space Between

Program Information: TBA

James Logan High School

Show Title: Loganation II

Program Information: "Celebrating 20 years since James Logan Winterguard's 'Loganation' at WGI, 'Loganation II' pays tribute to the legacy while updating its presentation. This percussion version echoes the original show's approach with color guard, revisiting the history of rudimental drumming in America. It explores how Logan students connect with this history within the framework of contemporary music. Drawing parallels between honoring drumming history while looking to the future, the performance encourages reflection on the societal need to approach history with a similar balance of homage and progression."

Saratoga High School

Show Title: Facade

Program Information: "Saratoga “World” 2024 will be performing “Facade” which grapples with the concept of identity and highlights the masks that we as individuals wear each day as we maneuver through society. "

Sparkman High School

Show Title: Guru: Dispeller of Darkness

Program Information: TBA

Walled Lake High School

Show Title: Aquapura

Program Information: TBA

Independent Open

Breakthrough Indoor Percussion

Show Title: Unbreakable

Program Information: "When faced with impossible odds and unsurmountable struggles, the human spirit becomes even more resilient and stronger than ever – we are unbreakable."


Show Title: Sleepwalking Underwater

Program Information: TBA

Infinity 3

Show Title: What Could Have Been

Program Information: TBA

Old Line Indoor Percussion

Show Title: Hydra

Program Information: "In the battlefield where fates entwined, blood spills freely. A crimson sign. Fire leaps forth from jaws agape, fire leaps forth a merciless escape. A dance macabre, a dark ballet. Heads entwined in shadows sway. Hercules wields his sword with might, a hero's quest, a perilous fight. Hydra's heads, a ghastly array, severed and writhing in disarray."

Paradigm Percussion

Show Title: The Dog Show... Show

Program Information: "From the group that brought you “Cattitude” and “Boom. Roasted.”, Paradigm Percussion is excited to unleash their 2024 program.  Come sit and enjoy a treat and put your paws together for “The Dog Show... Show” coming to an arena near you!"

Siege Percussion

Show Title: Within These Walls

Program Information: TBA

Sun City Indoor

Show Title: El Hotel Eterno

Program Information: TBA

Vision Percussion

Show Title: The World Aglow

Production Information: "We breathe in deep, our worries unfurl, Lost in the magic of the golden world. ✨"

Scholastic Open

Beavercreek High School

Show Title: Moving Out Loud

Production Information: "A dive into urban pop art, sounds, and movement. Let the rhythm of 808 deep cuts and driving fusion jazz move you through the Keith Haring pop art inspired set, decorated with matching costumes. Dance, choreo, and movement will mold into one while revealing a new picture by the end of this program. Exuding constant motion from start to finish, you will be sure to find something new each time you watch!"

Chattahoochee High School

Show Title: i

Production Information: What drives our identities? Are they given? Who are we, what can we become? Identity can be a journey; we can write fictions of our own. The most fascinating problem in the world is who am I? What do you need? What do you feel when you say the word "I?"

DeSoto Central High School

Show Title: Time Waits For No Man

Production Information: TBA

Kettering Fairmont High School

Show Title: Love & Monsters

Production Information: “Love and Monsters” tells the story of a struggling author and his journey through the creative process. After a divorce, he begins to write his final novel fueled with heartbreak and resentment. The fictional monsters in his story come to life and the imagined become reality. As he gains control of the narrative, he writes a version of his wife he can truly fall in love with. The author realizes a better life can be found in his creativity, and becomes a monster of his own making.. The writer becomes the written."

Mauldin High School

Show Title: ROLL

Production Information: TBA

Victor J. Andrew High School

Show Title: Shelter

Production Information: TBA

Independent A

Lake Effect Percussion

Show Title: The King of Pop

Program Information: "Known in the music industry for his polarizing singing and dance skills, profound love for his family, and his commitment to environmental causes, join us as we present our 2024 program TO THE KING OF POP!"

Scholastic A

Hempfield High School

Show Title: House of the Minotaur

Program Information: "Based on Jorge Luis Borges’ “La casa de Asterión,” our 2024 production centers around the classic Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. Descending into madness while longing to escape from the walls of the Labyrinth, the Minotaur awaits the coming of their redeemer who will finally set them free."

Hudsonville High School

Show Title: Scout

Program Information: TBA

Lower Dauphin High School

Show Title: SUBZERØ

Program Information: TBA

Perkiomen Valley High School

Show Title: Heavy

Program Information: TBA

Rex Putnam Combined Schools

Show Title: Beyond Dreams

Program Information: TBA