WGI 2024 Show Announcement Running List - Winds

WGI 2024 Show Announcement Running List - Winds

Running list of Indoor Winds show announcements for the 2024 WGI season. The 2024 WGI season starts Feb 9 and runs through World Championships, April 20-21

Jan 22, 2024 by Natalie Shelton
WGI 2024 Show Announcement Running List - Winds

Below, you'll find a running list of show titles, program information, and show graphics from WGI Indoor Winds programs around the world as they get released. Continue to check back in on this page for updates!

Independent World

Horizon Winds

Show Title: Fuzzy Bird

Program Information: TBA

Immortal Winds

Show Title: Rhapsody in Purple

Program Information: TBA


Show Title: Olympis

Program Information: "The battle of the ages begins. Welcome to Olympus."

LSM Winds

Show Title: Venezia

Program Information: "Come spend some time with us this winter in St. Mark’s Square."


Show Title: Prisoners of Time

Program Information: "Prisoners of Time" challenges this notion, urging us to break free from its shackles. Through raw emotion and powerful expression, the show becomes a metaphor for breaking norms and barriers. Join us as we embrace our freedom from the constraints of time in this captivating journey of liberation."

Independent Open

Chromium Winds

Show Title: In the Arena

Program Information: "At the core of our show lies an enduring inspiration, drawn the famous “The Man In The Arena” quote from Theodore Roosevelt’s timeless speech, “Citizenship in a Republic.” In his words, “It is not the critic who counts...” This sentiment reverberates through every note and step of our production as each member of Chromium Winds becomes “The Man in the Arena,” facing challenges, taking risks, and fighting for the triumph of high achievement."

Valhalla Winds

Show Title: Drenched

Program Information: "On a mild Summer evening, a gentle breeze trickles in as a refreshing drizzle begins. Strolling along as the steady downpour picks up, a cacophony of water engulfs everything in its path. Crashes of lightning and squalls of driving rain are relentless as the storm spirals out of control. All becomes drenched. Yet, the gale forces subside, the storm lessens, and hope is restored. The onslaught of rain dissipates, allowing the true beauty of a storm to be known."

Independent A

Etherial Winds

Show Title: Harmonic Horizons

Program Information: TBA

Kent City Indoor Winds

Show Title: Autumn

Program Information: TBA

Vortex Indoor Winds

Show Title: End of the Tunnel

Program Information: "Starting with an accident, we slip into the next life...or do we?"