2023 DCI World Championships

2023 DCI Championships Results: Prelim Scores

2023 DCI Championships Results: Prelim Scores

The 2023 DCI World Championships prelims kicked off at Lucas Oil Stadium on Aug. 10.

Aug 11, 2023 by Aidan Browne
2023 DCI Championships Results: Prelim Scores

Drum Corps from all over the country gathered Thursday to compete in the DCI World Championship Prelims. 

The 2023 DCI World Championships prelims began Aug.10 in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium.Prelim competition featured 32 teams vying to advance to compete in Friday’s Semifinals and eventually into Saturday’s Finals.

Thursday’s performances began just before 11a.m. EST to kick off a nearly 12-hour performance schedule.

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DCI Finals Schedule 2023: What To Know This Week

The DCI Finals is the culmination of the long summer DCI season as teams all over the country attempted to reach Indianapolis.

Each round of the DCI Finals will stream on FloMarching and the FloSports app.

Here’s a look at the top scores from the first day of the DCI Finals

2023 DCI Scores In Prelims

The teams with the top 25 scores will move on to compete in Friday’s semifinals.

Here are all the scores in order of performance on Aug. 10. 

  • Les Stentors: 65.500
  • Raiders: 67.175
  • Colt Cadets: 68.550
  • 7th Regiment: 70.075
  • River City Rhythm: 71.175
  • Guardians: 74.575
  • The Battalion: 74.725
  • Columbians: 76.088
  • Southwind: 77.438
  • Gold: 79.250
  • Spartans: 81.913
  • Jersey Surf: 76.238
  • Seattle Cascades: 76.050
  • Genesis: 79.088
  • Music City: 82.588
  • Madison Scouts: 83.525
  • The Academy: 82.588
  • Spirit Of Atlanta: 84.838
  • Crossmen: 86.338
  • Pacific Crest: 85.00
  • Blue Knights: 86.650
  • Colts: 90.175
  • Troopers: 89.163
  • Blue Stars: 89.363
  • The Cavaliers: 91.788
  • The Cadets: 93.688
  • Phantom Regiment: 92.675
  • Mandarins: 93.363
  • Carolina Crown: 96.975
  • Bluecoats: 96.688
  • Boston Crusaders: 96.3
  • Blue Devils: 97.88

Where Is The DCI World Championships? 

Instead of whistles and screams from the crowd, Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis will be filled with the euphonic sounds of drum corps. 

The home of the Indianapolis Colts, the NFL Combine and the site of Super Bowl XLVI will once again host the annual DCI World Championships for the 13th straight competition. 

How To Watch The DCI World Championships? 

All the action from the DCI World Championships will stream live on FloMarching and the FloSports app.