2023 Midwest Premiere

DCI Midwest Premiere Live Updates

DCI Midwest Premiere Live Updates

Read live updates from the 2023 DCI Midwest Premiere on Wednesday, June 28 in Rockford, MI. Stream the whole show live on FloMarching

Jun 28, 2023 by Natalie Shelton
DCI Midwest Premiere Live Updates

Read live updates from the 2023 DCI Midwest Premiere on Wednesday, June 28 in Rockford, MI. Stream the whole show live on FloMarching. The most recent updates will be at the top, with later updates directly below; timestamps will appear on each new update. Follow @FloMarching on social media for exclusive content, highlights, and behind-the-scenes info throughout the entire 2023 DCI season.

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2023 Archives WITH SOUND

10:00pm ET

Thanks for dropping by the live blog of the Midwest Premiere! Be on the lookout for more live blogs throughout the 2023 DCI season!

9:50pm ET - Final Scores

2023 DCI Midwest Premiere

1    Phantom Regiment    71.300

2    Blue Stars    69.900

3    Troopers    66.750

4    Colts    65.300

9:40pm ET - Scores Upcoming

We'll be right back with an update on scores!

Midwest Premiere Live Updates

9:22pm ET - Blue Stars, "in ABSINTHEia"

  • Blue Stars posted a uniform reveal this morning on social, so I'm super intrigued to see how their uniforms look on the field! They're definitely adding a pop of color to the field.
  • Okay colorguard and front ensemble, open the show strong! 
  • This Baritone soloist mixed with the immediate entrance of the battery sounded so good.
  • Hello, opening impact! Blue Stars always know how to bring the heat with a big opening hit.
  • Really enjoying the staging element that are constantly changing and giving more texture to what's on the field. Very cool.
  • UNIFORM CHANGE! That's fun and the green is such a nice pop of color. 
  • This ensemble moment at the end of the ballad sounds absolutely lush. What a fantastic ensemble sound PLUS the baritone duet. Straight fire. 
  • Ooh, the cymbals on the metal stands are fun. Very Blue Devils reminiscent. 
  • This whole movement is so fun - I'm literally tapping my foot along with itas the tune goes on. 
  • Let's go, bass drums!
  • This show is one that I can see myself playing on repeat all season. Really enjoying this push to the end!

9:04pm ET - Phantom Regiment, "Exo Genesis"

  • Phantoooooooooooooooooooooom Regiment. Big fan of these uniforms.
  • Interesting use of props in the beginning. Love this opening hit. That's a BIG sound!
  • Buick solo alert! Also BENT LEG ALERT. Wow, this is interesting to see.
  • This front-field groove is FUN. Okay, Phantom Regiment, you have my attention.
  • One word for this hornline: powerful.
  • Absolutely love this trombone line in this movement. The slide allows for such a fun addition to the blend of the ensemble sound. 
  • Battery is sounding absolutely strong this season. This is (I think) a big level up for them from previous seasons. Wow!
  • This ballad is so smooth. Hornline sounds great, colorguard looks spectacular, let's go.
  • Let's give it up for the first time in HISTORY that Regiment has a drumset player. Inject more of that into my veins. 
  • Company front number two of the night, oh yeah. This show is so fun to watch. 
  • Spectacular job, Phantom Regiment!

8:48pm ET - Intermission

We'll be right back, folks!

8:28pm ET - Colts, "Where the Heart Is"

  • I'm LOVING these Colts uniforms! I'm excited to see what they bring to the field this season.
  • Let's go Movement soloist!
  • Colts Brass. That's it. That's the tweet. Holy cow, this corps sounds beefy.
  • Alright, trombone soloist. That performer sounds absolutely lovely.
  • Ooooooh, muted trumpet section! I love the timbre change that the mutes provide. 
  • I really love the addition of trombones to this line! Once again, the variation of the sound quality and timbre adds such an interesting layer to this hornline. 
  • Big fan of the oversized swing flag silks during this ballad movement and how the guard is spreading the field and filling up space. 
  • Absolute fire drum break. Hoo boy, that was clean.
  • Colts have so many amazing soloist and small ensemble moments this season! Way to show off your top-tier players, Red Team!
  • Wonderful job, Colts! What a high-energy performance. I can't wait to watch this show transform throughout the season.

8:10pm ET - Troopers, "To Lasso the Sun"

  • Let's go Troop! I'm incredibly excited to see this show after they had such an electric season in 2022. First thing I notice is that their uniforms are still quintessential Troopers "cowboy chic." America's Corps, indeed. I like the lighter and brighter look when compared to last season's very dark and gritty look.
  • Love this soundscape that's being used as a pre-show. Also really interested in this staging that starts off the show; I can't wait to see how it unfolds.
  • Strong tuba/percussion feature to kick the show off. The dark music is really setting the scene.
  • Really digging all the lower body responsibilities that are being asked of the corps! It's really making the whole show that much more layered and enjoyable to watch.
  • HARMONICA ALERT! Troop really 👏 did 👏 that 👏
  • Can I just say that this hornline sounds GREAT?!  W-o-w
  • This show is very fun. I can't wait to see how they progress throughout the season and make this show even better than it already is. Well done, Troopers!

8:00pm ET - Welcome & National Anthem

Who's excited for the start of the 2023 DCI season?! After the record-breaking 2022 season, excitement is high and I, for one, am super interested to see what this season has in store for the corps and the fans.

We're kicking things off tonight with the National Anthem (played by Northern Lights Drum & Bugle Corps), followed by Troopers and the debut of their 2023 program titled, 'To Lasso the Sun.' 

Also, let's give it up for tonight's announcer: Brad Bell. He's giving ALL the energy we need and deserve right now. 

7:42pm ET

It's almost go time! Leave us a comment on social with what corps you're most excited to see tonight.

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Midwest Premiere Lineup Change

6:10pm ET

According to The Cavaliers (and confirmed by DCI's social media accounts), the Rosemont-based corps will not be participating in tonight's Midwest Premiere. 

The schedule for tonight's show will go on as previously listed, but will feature an intermission at the time the Cavaliers were slated to perform. Here is what the schedule will look like tonight:

As of now, it looks like the rest of the show is still on! Keep checking back in for more updates as we get closer to that 8pm ET scheduled start time.

5:00pm ET

Spotted over in the chat on our 24 hour FloMarching Radio YouTube stream - now that's dedication. 

DCI Midwest Premiere Schedule: June 28

4:50pm ET

Welcome to the Midwest Premiere live blog! The first official show of the 2023 DCI season is slated to kick off TONIGHT at 8pm ET/7pm CT in Rockford, Michigan. Don't miss a minute of the excitement throughout the summer - be sure to sign up for a FloMarching account so you have access to 30+ live show streams and Rebroadcasts. Don't have an account? SIGN UP HERE!

Here's everything you need to know about tonight's kickoff show:

Midwest Premiere

June 28 | Rockford, MI

Start Time: 8:00pm ET

Event Schedule:

  • 7:00pm - Gates Open
  • 8:00pm - Welcome & National Anthem
  • 8:10pm - Troopers
  • 8:28pm - Colts
  • 8:46pm - The Cavaliers
  • 9:04pm - Phantom Regiment
  • 9:22pm - Blue Stars
  • 9:47pm - Scores Announced


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That's all for now! Keep checking back in for more updates as we get closer to the kickoff of DCI 2023.