Deer Park Sr High - Roller Coaster


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Cincinnati, OH, USA.
This is the second year for the Deer Park High School Indoor Team. The group has only competed 2 times in the past, but are excited about the future of this program. The members of the Deer Park Indoor Team have been members of the Fall Marching Color Guard Team which has had a long history of success. There are 11 members on the team. This year’s show is titled “Rollercoaster.” It is based on the one question…. What do workers at an amusement park do after work hours when the park is closed? The answer is…. ride the rollercoaster! Our workers love the corkscrews and the hills that an exciting rollercoaster provides. The rollercoaster themed music is provided by The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Bleachers. We hope you will take the ride with us this year and feel the thrill we have had just becoming an Indoor Color guard Team.