2021 WGI eSolo - Finals

2021 WGI eSolo - Finals


Check out the results and finalists for the 2021 WGI eSolo - Finals competition on June 26-27 on FloMarching.

Most Outstanding

Color Guard Solos
Georgia RhyneColor Guard13 & UnderMixed Equipment

Mychala GosdaColor Guard14-18Flag

Jessica YaegerColor Guard14-18Mixed Equipment

Jordyn FioricaColor Guard14-18Rifle

Sasha CavallaroColor Guard14-18Sabre

Preston CoppageColor Guard19 & UpFlag

Brittany WhitlowColor Guard19 & UpMixed Equipment

Sam Van DusenColor Guard19 & UpSabre

Color Guard Ensemble
Blue Ridge HS VarsityColor Guard14-18Mixed Equipment

Percussion Solos
Evan ClarkPercussion13 & UnderMallet

Zachary TrachselPercussion14-18Mallet

Evan HolcombPercussion14-18Snare Drum

Joshua KoesterPercussion19 & UpMallet

Masked GuyPercussion19 & UpMultiple Tenor Drum

Kosuke NakajimaPercussion19 & UpSnare Drum

Percussion Ensemble
Bahana Cendana Kartika Duri - Riau Percussion EnsemblePercussion14-18Percussion

Winds Solos
Ellen ZhangWinds14-18Bassoon

Nathan PaulinoWinds14-18Clarinet/Bass Clarinet

Trina GoetzWinds14-18Flute / Piccolo

Cristen KingWinds14-18French Horn / Mellophone

Justin PetryWinds14-18Trumpet

Victor SalcidoWinds14-18Tuba


Winds Solos
Ellen ZhangWinds14-18BassoonExcellent

Nathan PaulinoWinds14-18Clarinet/Bass ClarinetSuperior

Trina GoetzWinds14-18Flute / PiccoloSuperior

Cristen KingWinds14-18French Horn / MellophoneSuperior

Justin PetryWinds14-18TrumpetSuperior
Julian VallejoWinds14-18TrumpetSuperior

Victor SalcidoWinds14-18TubaSuperior

Percussion Solos
Evan ClarkPercussion13 & UnderMalletExcellent

Colette LymonPercussion14-18MalletExcellent
Zachary TrachselPercussion14-18MalletExcellent

Evan HolcombPercussion14-18Snare DrumExcellent

Joshua KoesterPercussion19 & UpMalletSuperior
Tyler FunkPercussion19 & UpMalletExcellent

Masked GuyPercussion19 & UpMultiple Tenor DrumSuperior

Kosuke NakajimaPercussion19 & UpSnare DrumSuperior

Percussion Small Ensembles
Bahana Cendana Kartika Duri - Riau Percussion EnsemblePercussion14-18PercussionSuperior

Color Guard Solos
Georgia RhyneColor Guard13 & UnderMixed EquipmentExcellent

Mychala GosdaColor Guard14-18FlagSuperior
Abby RushColor Guard14-18FlagSuperior
Margaret JenkinsColor Guard14-18FlagExcellent
Gracie KochColor Guard14-18FlagExcellent
Jakobe NealColor Guard14-18FlagExcellent
Lacy PassmoreColor Guard14-18FlagExcellent

Jessica YaegerColor Guard14-18Mixed EquipmentSuperior
Mackayla DeckertColor Guard14-18Mixed EquipmentSuperior
Bekah PaulColor Guard14-18Mixed EquipmentSuperior
Kaitlyn BookwalterColor Guard14-18Mixed EquipmentExcellent
Riley CampbellColor Guard14-18Mixed EquipmentExcellent
Gienette micah CatindigColor Guard14-18Mixed EquipmentExcellent
Paloma DelgadoColor Guard14-18Mixed EquipmentExcellent
Alyssa HardyColor Guard14-18Mixed EquipmentExcellent
Kai MooreColor Guard14-18Mixed EquipmentExcellent
Caroline RowsonColor Guard14-18Mixed EquipmentExcellent
Antonio SarmientoColor Guard14-18Mixed EquipmentExcellent
Brady SteeleColor Guard14-18Mixed EquipmentExcellent
Andy SunColor Guard14-18Mixed EquipmentExcellent

Jordyn FioricaColor Guard14-18RifleSuperior
Lorenzo NacapuyColor Guard14-18RifleExcellent

Sasha CavallaroColor Guard14-18SabreSuperior
Isabella CiqueroColor Guard14-18SabreSuperior
Vivien HammerColor Guard14-18SabreSuperior
Joanna WanColor Guard14-18SabreSuperior

Preston CoppageColor Guard19 & UpFlagSuperior
Nicole GrinbergColor Guard19 & UpFlagExcellent

Brittany WhitlowColor Guard19 & UpMixed EquipmentSuperior
Paige BockesColor Guard19 & UpMixed EquipmentExcellent
Joel DubeColor Guard19 & UpMixed EquipmentExcellent

Sam Van DusenColor Guard19 & UpSabreSuperior
Nicholas BiglinColor Guard19 & UpSabreSuperior

Color Guard Small Ensembles
Blue Ridge HS VarsityColor Guard14-18Mixed EquipmentExcellent
FBA ImperialColor Guard14-18Mixed EquipmentExcellent
Greeneville High SchoolColor Guard14-18Mixed EquipmentExcellent

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