2017 DCI Rankings

WK 7 - New #1 In Visual, Trooper On The Move

Projected Scores

These scores are not official and are only projections based on a formula calculating the average rate of improvement, current scores, and days in the season. Rankings will be updated weekly. Read the explanation of the rankings system for more information.

Special Note

Some of the open class corps have ended their season already. They are notated with a * after their name.

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RankVisualProjected ScorePrev Rank+/-
1Blue Devils19.91821
2Santa Clara Vanguard19.7661-1
3The Cavaliers19.51652
4Carolina Crown19.4163-1
6Boston Crusaders18.91671
7The Cadets18.7166-1
8Blue Stars18.41891
9Blue Knights18.4168-1
11Phantom Regiment17.918110
12Madison Scouts17.71610-2
16The Academy17.11613-3
17Spirit of Atlanta16.61815-2
18Oregon Crusaders16.31617-1
19Pacific Crest16.21818-1
21Seattle Cascades15.416221
22Jersey Surf14.61620-2