2022 WGI Guard Indianapolis Regional - Greenfield

2022 WGI Guard Indianapolis Regional - Greenfield

Mar 19, 2022

See the results from the WGI 2022 Guard Indianapolis Regional - Greenfield on March 19-20th, held at Greenfield Central HS in Greenfield, IN.

2022 WGI Guard Indianapolis - Greenfield Results - Finals

Scholastic A

1Brownsburg HS91.320I
2Northmont HS90.170I
3Carroll HS (IN)85.610I
4Mason HS85.230I
5New Palestine HS84.030I
6Noblesville HS83.630I
7Homestead HS81.630I

2022 WGI Guard Indianapolis - Greenfield Results - Prelims

Scholastic A (Round 1)

1Northmont HS87.020I
2Zionsville Community HS82.610I
3Kiski Area HS81.200I
4Franklin HS WG81.020I
5Terre Haute South HS78.690I
6Westfield HS77.060I
7Kings HS76.970I
8Goshen HS76.940I
9Lafayette HS74.710II
10Novi HS73.520II
11Franklin Central HS B73.200II
12Perry Meridian HS70.940II
13Milton-Union HS69.300II

Scholastic A (Round 2)

1Brownsburg HS89.430I
2Noblesville HS84.500I
3Carroll HS84.260I
4Mason HS83.540I
5New Palestine HS83.420I
6Homestead HS83.240I
7Middletown HS81.020I
8Hamilton Southeastern HS79.960I
9Beavercreek HS73.470II
10Walter E. Stebbins HS72.780II
11Kettering Fairmount HS72.680II
12Franklin Community HS71.890II
13George Rogers Clark HS70.970II
14Hickman HS68.140II

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