2022 WGI Percussion/Winds World Championships

2022 WGI Percussion/Winds World Championships

Apr 21-24, 2022

Sunday, April 24 - Winds Finals

Group NameDivisionPerform
Sequoyah HSWSA9:00 AM
Hardin Valley AcademyWSA9:09 AM
Elk River Combined SchoolsWSA9:18 AM
Joshua HSWSA9:27 AM
Valley Christian HSWSA9:36 AM
Bellevue East HSWSA9:45 AM
Bellevue West HSWSA9:54 AM
Dartmouth HSWSA10:03 AM
Corinth Holders HSWSA10:12 AM
Empyrean WindsWIA10:21 AM
Vortex Indoor WindsWIA10:30 AM
Evidence from William Carey UniversityWIA10:39 AM
LSM WindsWIA10:48 AM

10:57 AM

South Jones HSWSO11:45 AM
Father Ryan HSWSO11:55 AM
Lake Hamilton HSWSO12:05 PM
Westfield HSWSO12:15 PM
Catawba Ridge HSWSO12:25 PM
Mt. Juliet HSWSO12:35 PM
Daviess County HSWSO12:45 PM
Miamisburg HSWSO12:55 PM
Chromium WindsWIO1:05 PM

1:15 PM

Greenfield Central HSWSW1:45 PM
Stoneman Douglas HSWSW1:56 PM
Mililani HSWSW2:07 PM
Cleveland HSWSW2:18 PM
Azle HSWSW2:29 PM
Avon HSWSW2:40 PM
LegacyWIW2:51 PM
Horizon WindsWIW3:02 PM

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