2021 SAPA Virtual Event 4

2021 SAPA Virtual Event 4


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Paramount - 1: "Together Alone" and 2: "The Nature of Us"

Apr 10, 2021

Paramount presents Scene 1: “Together Alone” and Scene 2: "The Nature of Us" from our 2021 program and film, “Blue Period.” Setting the tone for the overall production, "Together Alone" acknowledges our innate need to be in the presence of others through a shared sense of joy, energy, and a yearning for connection. “The Nature of Us” examines the process of becoming one’s true self while navigating a world filled with both acceptance and reluctance. What we are taught about the world and ourselves is not always the reality of what truly is. In that way, life is a classroom in which sometimes we must unlearn and relearn what we know about ourselves. Our 2021 production, “Blue Period,” takes a step away from the competitive floor and explores seeing life through a lens of blue. “Blue” is both a feeling and a subtle shift in our perceptions. For some time, it may shroud our joys and pains, moments of happiness and sadness, and a sense of loneliness and togetherness. This “Blue Period” is not always negative, but a pervading sensation all around us that indifferently blankets both our feats of success and loss. We are a world community doing our best to grow and experience life’s joys amidst this “blue.” This literal and metaphoric (blue) will serve as our motific device, as well as our motivation to push through and beyond this “blue period.” Paramount Winterguard is an Atlanta-based color guard organization, founded to provide a positive, life-changing performance experience for its members, volunteers, and staff. Our 2021 cast includes 67 performers from four countries and 12 states.

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