2021 WGI Virtual Event Week 3

2021 WGI Virtual Event Week 3

Mar 20-21, 2021

See the results of the 2021 WGI Virtual Event Week 3 results from Sunday, March 21st.

Guard - Semifinalists

Jenks Middle SchoolJunior
Mauldin HS CadetJunior
Norwin Middle SchoolJunior
Oxford Middle SchoolJunior
Round Rock Middle SchoolJunior
Tavares MSJunior
Bainbridge HSScholastic Regional A
Bentonville West HSScholastic Regional A
Braden River HS JVScholastic Regional A
Eden Prairie HS JVScholastic Regional A
Frisco HSScholastic Regional A
Hilliard Bradley HSScholastic Regional A
Lafayette HS Jr. VarsityScholastic Regional A
Moon Area HSScholastic Regional A
Owensboro Catholic HSScholastic Regional A
Oxford HSScholastic Regional A
Pebble Hills HS JVScholastic Regional A
Pine Tree HSScholastic Regional A
Salem HSScholastic Regional A
Seven Lakes HS JVScholastic Regional A
Westlake HS JV (TX)Scholastic Regional A
Blue Springs South HS VarsityScholastic A
Blythewood HSScholastic A
Franklin Central HSScholastic A
Georgetown HSScholastic A
Lake Nona HSScholastic A
Lockport Township HSScholastic A
London HSScholastic A
Mason HSScholastic A
Pearland HSScholastic A
Pebble Hills HSScholastic A
Rouse HSScholastic A
Southlake Carroll HSScholastic A
Unionville HSScholastic A
Wakeland HSScholastic A
West Milford HSScholastic A
Westwood HSScholastic A
Blackstone-Millville Regional HS ChargersIndependent A
Caledonia IndependentIndependent A
FIU GOLDIndependent A
Maine AttractionIndependent A
Rogue IndependentIndependent A
Slippery Rock University Winter GuardIndependent A
St. John's Jesuit Winter GuardIndependent A
The Magnolia ProjectIndependent A
University of LouisianaIndependent A
Valiant Indoor Guard At Virginia TechIndependent A
Choctaw HSScholastic Open
Dawson HSScholastic Open
Eastlake HSScholastic Open
Eden Prairie HSScholastic Open
Greenfield-Central HSScholastic Open
Higley HSScholastic Open
Kiski Area HSScholastic Open
Legacy HSScholastic Open
Milford HS (OH)Scholastic Open
Mililani HSScholastic Open
Seven Lakes HSScholastic Open
Southmoore HSScholastic Open
Blessed SacramentIndependent Open
FIU WinterguardIndependent Open
Oasis WinterguardIndependent Open
ORIGINS OpenIndependent Open
Redemption GuardIndependent Open
Sacred Heart University Winter GuardIndependent Open
South Florida WinterguardIndependent Open
Avon HSScholastic World
Center Grove HSScholastic World
East Coweta HSScholastic World
Norwin HSScholastic World
Warren Central HSScholastic World

Percussion - Semifinalists

Belleville East HSScholastic Concert A
Penn-Trafford HSScholastic Concert A
Anderson County HSScholastic Concert A
Warren County Public SchoolsScholastic Concert A
Henry County HSScholastic Concert A
Owensboro Catholic HSScholastic Concert A
Blackstone-Millville Regional HSScholastic Marching Regional A
Greenwood HSScholastic Marching Regional A
Hilliard Bradley HSScholastic Marching Regional A
Brookville HSScholastic Marching Regional A
Cedarburg HSScholastic Marching Regional A
Bob Jones HSScholastic Marching A
Gulfport HSScholastic Marching A
Ironwood Ridge HSScholastic Marching A
North Allegheny HSScholastic Marching A
Oak Grove HSScholastic Marching A
Oak Grove HS (MS)Scholastic Marching A
Porter HSScholastic Marching A
Robstown Early College HSScholastic Marching A
Unionville HSScholastic Marching A
Victor HSScholastic Marching A
St. John's Jesuit Indoor DrumlineIndependent Marching A
Horizon PercussionIndependent Marching A
Saginaw HSScholastic Marching Open
Seven Lakes HSScholastic Marching Open
Sharyland HSScholastic Marching Open
Dorman HSScholastic Marching Open
OConnor HSScholastic Marching Open
Collins Hill HSScholastic Marching Open
Vandebilt Catholic HSScholastic Marching Open
Matrix OpenIndependent Marching Open
Infinity 3Independent Marching Open
Cap City 2Independent Marching Open
Q2Independent Marching Open
Liberty University Indoor DrumlineIndependent Marching Open
Milton HSScholastic Marching World
Lebanon HSScholastic Marching World
MatrixIndependent Marching World
InfinityIndependent Marching World
Cap City PercussionIndependent Marching World
Blue KnightsIndependent Marching World

Winds - Semifinalists 

Kent City HSScholastic Regional A Winds
Whitko Jr/Sr HSScholastic A Winds
Owensboro Catholic HSScholastic A Winds
Washington County HSScholastic A Winds
West Johnston HSScholastic A Winds
Greenwood HSScholastic A Winds
Lake Minneola HSScholastic A Winds
Daviess County HSIndependent A Winds
Father Ryan HSScholastic Open Winds
Keller Central HSScholastic Open Winds
Inertia Independent WindsIndependent Open Winds
North Hardin HSScholastic World Winds
Cy-Fair HSConcert Open Winds
Avon HS BrassConcert World Winds

Winds - Full Results

Kent City HSScholastic Regional A Winds172.500

Whitko Jr/Sr HSScholastic A Winds1162.500
Pinecrest Academy of Nevada-Cadence CampusScholastic A Winds1064.000
Owensboro Catholic HSScholastic A Winds967.500
Washington County HSScholastic A Winds867.750
Sequoyah HSScholastic A Winds768.750
West Johnston HSScholastic A Winds669.000
Joshua HSScholastic A Winds571.000
Greenwood HSScholastic A Winds472.125
Cary HSScholastic A Winds374.750
Lake Minneola HSScholastic A Winds275.000
Bellevue West HSScholastic A Winds177.250

Daviess County HSIndependent A Winds177.750

South Jones HSScholastic Open Winds476.500
Miamisburg HSScholastic Open Winds378.250
Father Ryan HSScholastic Open Winds279.500
Keller Central HSScholastic Open Winds181.750

Inertia Independent WindsIndependent Open Winds174.750

North Hardin HSScholastic World Winds181.250

Event Info
Welcome to the 2021 WGI Virtual Event Week 3 event hub! Performance videos will be published to this page starting at 9 AM ET on March 20. Tune in LIVE to the WGI Virtual Season Awards Ceremony on March 21 at 5 PM ET. Click 'Read More' below to find more information on the schedule, the entire 2021 season, and some of the other virtual events coming to FloMarching this winter!
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