2021 WGI Virtual Solo Prelims

2021 WGI Virtual Solo Prelims

Feb 20-21, 2021

See the results for the 2021 WGI Virtual Solo Prelims hosted exclusively on FloMarching starting Saturday, February 20th.

Winds - Moving On To Finals

Name (First)Name (Last)Age ClassificationCategoryTechniqueWatch Now!
JoeyJulich14 - 18Baritone / EuphoniumBaritone/EuphoniumWatch now!
NathanOlivas14 - 18Baritone / EuphoniumBaritone/EuphoniumWatch now!
JameyHill14 - 18Clarinet/Bass ClarinetClarinet/Bass ClarinetWatch now!
HaileeRichmond14 - 18Clarinet/Bass ClarinetClarinet/Bass ClarinetWatch now!
SamanthaBarnhill14 - 18Flute/PiccoloFlute/PiccoloWatch now!
GracenLong14 - 18Flute/PiccoloFlute/PiccoloWatch now!
AidanFrohock14 - 18French Horn / MellophoneFrench Horn/MellophoneWatch now!
MadisonPuite14 - 18SaxophoneSaxophoneWatch now!
AnthonyQin14 - 18SaxophoneSaxophoneWatch now!
LilliBailey14 - 18TromboneTromboneWatch now!
JaredChavez14 - 18TromboneTromboneWatch now!
MatthewWilkinson14 - 18TrumpetTrumpetWatch now!
NahtashaPoplar14 - 18TubaTubaWatch now!
DavidVilla14 - 18TubaTubaWatch now!
BobbyBonslater19 and UpClarinet/Bass ClarinetClarinet/Bass ClarinetWatch now!
JonathanHarrity19 and UpClarinet/Bass ClarinetClarinet/Bass ClarinetWatch now!
BenStrobel19 and UpSaxophoneSaxophoneWatch now!
BobbyBonslater19 and UpTrumpetTrumpetWatch now!

Percussion - Moving On To Finals

Name (First)Name (Last)Age ClassificationCategoryTechniqueWatch Now!
JoshuaRaether13 & UnderMalletMalletWatch now!
CorinneStiles13 & UnderMalletMalletWatch now!
EmmaWaites13 & UnderMalletMalletWatch now!
BradyMacfee13 & UnderMultiple PercussionMulti-PercussionWatch now!
WilliamRaether13 & UnderMultiple Tenor DrumMulti-Tenor DrumWatch now!
Mikhail RafiShalomsyah13 & UnderMultiple Tenor DrumMulti-Tenor DrumWatch now!
Farhan WiraAdhiyaksa13 & UnderSnare DrumSnare DrumWatch now!
DrewKosofsky13 & UnderSnare DrumSnare DrumWatch now!
DanielBurroughs14 - 18MalletMalletWatch now!
AndrewChen14 - 18MalletMalletWatch now!
LukeClatterbuck14 - 18MalletMalletWatch now!
AveryClick14 - 18MalletMalletWatch now!
StefanyFunk14 - 18MalletMalletWatch now!
AnnalieHaralson 214 - 18MalletMalletWatch now!
SarahHigh14 - 18MalletMalletWatch now!
EliadesPonce14 - 18MalletMalletWatch now!
AlexHochstein14 - 18Multiple Tenor DrumMulti-Tenor DrumWatch now!
CarsonSchluep14 - 18Multiple Tenor DrumMulti-Tenor DrumWatch now!
MylesShackelford14 - 18Multiple Tenor DrumMulti-Tenor DrumWatch now!
EthanSorrels14 - 18Multiple Tenor DrumMulti-Tenor DrumWatch now!
SaiedAguirre14 - 18Snare DrumSnare DrumWatch now!
SpencerAugustine14 - 18Snare DrumSnare DrumWatch now!
CalebBarrows14 - 18Snare DrumSnare DrumWatch now!
PorterLeigh14 - 18Snare DrumSnare DrumWatch now!
EliSherrill14 - 18Snare DrumSnare DrumWatch now!
PumiphatWinyachai14 - 18Snare DrumSnare DrumWatch now!
SeanZarobsky14 - 18Snare DrumSnare DrumWatch now!
JennCarver19 and UpMalletMalletWatch now!
JoshuaKoester19 and UpMalletMalletWatch now!
BelleKurtz19 and UpMalletMalletWatch now!
Jofre PeteAguana19 and UpPiano/SynthPiano/SynthWatch now!
MarthaZeng19 and UpPiano/SynthSnare DrumWatch now!
NoahCardott19 and UpSnare DrumSnare DrumWatch now!
ShotaroMori19 and UpSnare DrumPiano/SynthWatch now!

Guard - Moving On To Finals

Name (First)Name (Last)Age ClassificationCategoryTechniqueWatch Now!
KolbyGreen13 & UnderFlagFlagWatch now!
ElizabethHolmes13 & UnderFlagFlagWatch now!
HeidiReed13 & UnderFlagFlagWatch now!
MyKalThomas13 & UnderFlagFlagWatch now!
RaeWare13 & UnderFlagFlagWatch now!
BrenleeWhitfield13 & UnderFlagFlagWatch now!
ALLEAH JANE (A-LE-YA JEYN)BARRIENTOS (BAR-YEN-TOS)13 & UnderMixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
CheyannaGriswold13 & UnderMixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
NatalieBlair13 & UnderMovementMovementWatch now!
KayleaLewis13 & UnderMovementMovementWatch now!
MckenzieBlair14 - 18FlagFlagWatch now!
SarahBrase14 - 18FlagFlagWatch now!
JennaCook14 - 18FlagFlagWatch now!
KearstonCostello14 - 18FlagFlagWatch now!
MackenzieHathaway14 - 18FlagFlagWatch now!
ElizabethHoy14 - 18FlagFlagWatch now!
TamiaO'Bella14 - 18FlagFlagWatch now!
NataliePrice14 - 18FlagFlagWatch now!
MarianneReid14 - 18FlagFlagWatch now!
MaisonSummers14 - 18FlagFlagWatch now!
JossieTracy14 - 18FlagFlagWatch now!
LeonaVaughn14 - 18FlagFlagWatch now!
BrandyWinkle14 - 18FlagFlagWatch now!
AlexisAcosta14 - 18Mixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
JennaArieux14 - 18Mixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
ElizabethDahlberg14 - 18Mixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
MaelaGonzales14 - 18Mixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
GavinMartin14 - 18Mixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
KateMytchak14 - 18Mixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
LilyPedersen14 - 18Mixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
GrantSanford14 - 18Mixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
AmberlinSansom14 - 18Mixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
ParatthakonSithongbai14 - 18Mixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
SarahSolomon14 - 18Mixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
AlanaStephenson14 - 18Mixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
AlenaVitha14 - 18Mixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
KamilaVitha14 - 18Mixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
OliviaVizzard14 - 18Mixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
NatalieWilson14 - 18Mixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
KatyWright14 - 18Mixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
EmoryBarrios14 - 18MovementMovementWatch now!
IsabellaByers14 - 18MovementMovementWatch now!
PiperClick14 - 18MovementMovementWatch now!
KaylahCooper14 - 18MovementMovementWatch now!
SerenaEstrada14 - 18MovementMovementWatch now!
LibertyFrederickson14 - 18MovementMovementWatch now!
AveryReeves14 - 18MovementMovementWatch now!
ElizabethRoda14 - 18MovementMovementWatch now!
AmeliaUlasiewicz14 - 18MovementMovementWatch now!
FredericBowen14 - 18RifleRifleWatch now!
EdynCurry14 - 18RifleRifleWatch now!
EmiFantini14 - 18RifleRifleWatch now!
HannahGivens14 - 18RifleRifleWatch now!
ChloeJohnson14 - 18RifleRifleWatch now!
McKenzieNelson14 - 18RifleRifleWatch now!
BRYANNAPENDER14 - 18RifleRifleWatch now!
JOSHUA (JOSH-WA)RUFIN (RU-FIN)14 - 18RifleRifleWatch now!
KeithConaway14 - 18SabreSabreWatch now!
EmmaDrown14 - 18SabreSabreWatch now!
CeciliaFenton14 - 18SabreSabreWatch now!
LauraHalverstadt14 - 18SabreSabreWatch now!
MadisonNguyen14 - 18SabreSabreWatch now!
RaynaQuentin14 - 18SabreSabreWatch now!
MADELYNNREZABEK14 - 18SabreSabreWatch now!
ALEXANDRIASHISLER14 - 18SabreSabreWatch now!
AISAH (AY-SA)UTARA (U-TA-RA)14 - 18SabreSabreWatch now!
SarahBenton19 and UpFlagFlagWatch now!
LaurenByrne19 and UpFlagFlagWatch now!
JimmyCarotenuti19 and UpFlagFlagWatch now!
PrestonCoppage19 and UpFlagFlagWatch now!
ChristopherGarcia19 and UpFlagFlagWatch now!
NicoleGrinberg19 and UpFlagFlagWatch now!
JordanMartz19 and UpFlagFlagWatch now!
AlyssaOlafson19 and UpFlagFlagWatch now!
WilliamPeters19 and UpFlagFlagWatch now!
TysonStevenson19 and UpFlagFlagWatch now!
LeeTorrez19 and UpFlagFlagWatch now!
CathleenVanBuren19 and UpFlagFlagWatch now!
RyanBender19 and UpMixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
KenCarter19 and UpMixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
JoelDube19 and UpMixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
RubenGarcia19 and UpMixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
PanupongLorsong19 and UpMixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
PATRICK (PAT-RIK)PANTE (PAN-TE)19 and UpMixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
RobertStrobos19 and UpMixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
KatherineTaylor19 and UpMixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
MelinaTyson19 and UpMixed EquipmentMixed EquipmentWatch now!
JoannaEyre19 and UpMovementMovementWatch now!
RyanGlover19 and UpMovementMovementWatch now!
KirstenHuffman19 and UpMovementMovementWatch now!
ElizabethKing19 and UpMovementMovementWatch now!
JHUN LUYD (JUN-LUYD)MADRIGAL (MAD-RI-GAL)19 and UpMovementMovementWatch now!
RobertoMorales19 and UpMovementMovementWatch now!
RobertStrobos19 and UpMovementMovementWatch now!
LaurenByrne19 and UpRifleRifleWatch now!
JimmyCarotenuti19 and UpRifleRifleWatch now!
AcaciaJurkowski19 and UpRifleRifleWatch now!
LaurenByrne19 and UpSabreSabreWatch now!
JimmyCarotenuti19 and UpSabreSabreWatch now!

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