2021 NESBA Virtual Event 1

2021 NESBA Virtual Event 1


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Londonderry Winter Percussion - Dreamers

Mar 6, 2021

Dreamers From a young age we encourage the youth to use their imaginations and dream of a world bigger and better than the one that surrounds them-- and that the sky is the limit in all that they can do, achieve, and become. Until comes the day when words of encouragement turn to cries and demands of a Real World. We recede into the safety of our sanctuaries, accepting mediocrity and stifling our dreams in the process. ‘Dreamers’ serves as a reminder that the preceding doesn’t always remain fact; ‘growing up’ doesn’t require that we ‘give up’ on ourselves and our peers. There will be days where it feels like the World is out to get us, but in those moments, those that stand up a little bit taller, and take on adversity head-strong, will come out the other side having only grown from their challenges.

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