picture of 2021 TCGC Virtual Event 1

Feb 20

Welcome to the 2021 TCGC Virtual Event 1 event hub! Click 'Read More' below to find more information on the schedule, the entire 2021 season, and some of the other virtual events coming to FloMarching this winter!


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Katy High School Varsity - The Hope of Tomorrow

Feb 20, 2021

Katy High School Varsity from Katy, TX is under the direction of Michelle Jordan. Their 2021 production, "The Hope of Tomorrow", features the Duran Duran 1993 hit "Ordinary World" sung by Joy Williams. By exploring the lyrics, this program has given the performers the opportunity to reflect on what the last year of their lives during a pandemic has been like, and give them hope that the future will eventually get back to the "ordinary world" they remember. Katy High School was a 2020 WGI Regional Finalist and is a frequent TCGC state medalist.