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Apr 3-5

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The Black Watch - RE:FLECTION

Apr 3, 2021

In an earth-shattering moment, all that is considered the norm is questioned. With the world becoming increasingly drab and monotonous, originality has become obsolete. Machinery has replaced the once vibrant artisan. Factories have out-purposed skillful hands. In RE:FLECTION, we imagine a world where individuality is not only permitted, but celebrated. As workers look through the mirror, they ask themselves "Who am I, really?"

Today, this legendary performance group stands tall as one of the oldest and most well-respected marching arts organizations still in existence. The Black Watch was established in 1966 as a Drum and Bugle Corps, and in 2021, The Black Watch is celebrating its 55th anniversary. Join us as we dive deeper into exploring individuality and self-discovery.