2019 Southwestern Championship

2019 Southwestern Championship

Jul 20, 2019

Check out the full results from the 2019 DCI Southwestern Championship including the results of all 22 World Class corps.

2019 DCI Southwestern Championship

2Blue Devils91.013
3Santa Clara Vanguard90.475
4Carolina Crown88.863
5Boston Crusaders88.513
6The Cavaliers87.500
7Blue Knights85.550
8Blue Stars85.225
9The Cadets83.575
12Phantom Regiment80.613
13Spirit of Atlanta78.875
14The Academy77.513
16Pacific Crest75.200
17Madison Scouts73.500
20Music City70.300
21Jersey Surf68.375
22Seattle Cascades64.900
Open Class


Event Info
Watch DCI Southwestern Championship LIVE starting at 1:30 PM CT on FloMarching on Saturday, July 20. Due to copyright law, this event is only available for streaming within the US. This is the big one folks, featuring ALL of the World Class corps under one roof—the DCI Southwestern Championship kicks off the 2019 regional season. This will be your first chance to catch all of the top corps like Bluecoats, Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Devils, Carolina Crown, and Boston Crusaders all in the same place—competing for the same judges. Tune in all day on FloMarching starting around 2 PM CT and ending around 10 PM.