2019 WGI Guard West Power Regional - Mack Center
Mar 23-24
Las Vegas, NV

2019 WGI Guard West Power Regional - Mack Center Finals

All times local to venue and subject to change.


Independent A
Rhapsody8:30 AM
Coronado Independent Winterguard8:38 AM
i-Squared8:46 AM
Icon Winter Guard8:54 AM
Malachi Independent A9:02 AM
Class Break9:10 AM
Scholastic A
Eastlake HS9:15 AM
South San Francisco HS9:23 AM
Lemoore HS9:31 AM
Golden Valley HS9:39 AM
El Camino Real Charter HS9:47 AM
West Ranch HS9:55 AM
Rincon-University HS10:03 AM
Hart HS10:11 AM
Damonte Ranch HS10:19 AM
Rancho Cucamonga HS10:27 AM
Palm Desert Charter MS10:35 AM
Break10:43 AM
Scholastic Open
Merced HS11:00 AM
Upland HS11:09 AM
Desert Vista HS11:18 AM
Clovis HS11:27 AM
Etiwanda HS11:36 AM
El Capitan HS11:45 AM
Palm Desert HS11:54 AM
Mission Viejo HS12:03 PM
Diamond Bar HS12:12 PM
Vista Murrieta HS12:21 PM
Arvin HS12:30 PM
Lunch12:39 PM
Independent Open
San Diego State University Aztec Winter Guard1:30 PM
702 Ind-Guard1:39 PM
Cascadia Winterguard1:48 PM
Frente1:57 PM
Arete Winterguard2:06 PM
Vox Artium2:15 PM
Pacificaires2:24 PM
Break2:42 PM
Scholastic World
Stockdale HS2:55 PM
Arcadia HS3:05 PM
El Dorado HS3:15 PM
Ayala HS3:25 PM
Class Break3:35 PM
Independent World
Wasatch Independent3:45 PM
In Motion Performance Ensemble3:55 PM
Malachi Independent4:05 PM
FeniX Independent4:15 PM
CGT Denton4:25 PM
Fantasia4:35 PM
CGT Dallas4:45 PM
Imbue4:55 PM
Diamante5:05 PM
End Time5:15 PM

2019 WGI Guard West Power Regional - Mack Center Prelims

All times local to venue and subject to change.

Independent A
Oasis Winterguard10:00 AM
i-Squared10:08 AM
Malachi Independent A10:16 AM
Wasatch Independent A Guard10:24 AM
Icon Winter Guard10:32 AM
Coronado Independent Winterguard10:40 AM
University of Nevada, Reno Winter Guard10:48 AM
Rhapsody10:56 AM
Emerald11:04 AM
Break11:12 AM
Scholastic Open
Vista Murrieta HS11:30 AM
El Capitan HS11:39 AM
Arvin HS11:48 AM
Homestead HS11:57 AM
Williams Field HS A12:06 PM
Etiwanda HS12:15 PM
Desert Vista HS12:24 PM
Upland HS12:33 PM
Merced HS12:42 PM
Palm Desert HS12:51 PM
Clovis HS1:00 PM
Mission Viejo HS1:09 PM
Centennial HS1:18 PM
Diamond Bar HS1:27 PM
Lunch1:36 PM

Independent Open

702 Ind-Guard2:30 PM
San Diego State University Aztec Winter Guard2:39 PM
Pacificaires2:48 PM
Arete Winterguard2:57 PM
Alchemy Independent3:15 PM
Infinity Winter Guard3:24 PM
Cascadia Winterguard3:33 PM
Frente3:42 PM
Vox Artium3:51 PM
Break4:00 PM
Scholastic World
Arcadia HS4:15 PM
El Dorado HS4:25 PM
Stockdale HS4:35 PM
Ayala HS4:45 PM
Class Break4:55 PM

Independent World

FeniX Independent5:05 PM
Diamante5:15 PM
Malachi Independent5:25 PM
Wasatch Independent5:35 PM
CGT Denton5:45 PM
In Motion Performance Ensemble5:55 PM
CGT Dallas6:05 PM
Imbue6:15 PM
Fantasia6:25 PM