picture of 2019 WGI Percussion West Power Regional

Completed, Mar 23-24, 2019

Watch prelims and finals for the 2019 WGI Perc West Power Regional at Coussoulis Arena on March 23-24.

2019 WGI Percussion West Power Regional - Coussoulis Arena Prelims

All times local to venue and subject to change.

Marching Percussion Finals - Sunday, March 24

Scholastic Marching A

 Gilbert HS
9:00 AM
 Ironwood Ridge HS
9:09 AM
Valhalla HS
9:18 AM
Arbor View HS
9:27 AM
Lemoore HS
9:36 AM
Enochs HS
9:45 AM

Independent Marching A

Cornerstone Percussion
9:54 AM
Vegas Vanguard
10:03 AM
Pinnacle Percussion
10:12 AM
Break10:21 AM

Scholastic Marching Open

Amador Valley HS
10:35 AM
Carlsbad HS
10:45 AM
Temple City HS
10:55 AM
Mission Viejo HS
11:05 AM
Foothill HS
11:15 AM
Independence HS (Bakersfield)
11:25 AM
Rancho Cucamonga HS
11:35 AM
Arcadia HS
11:45 AM
West Ranch HS
11:55 AM
Casa Grande HS
12:05 PM
San Marino HS
12:15 PM
Chino HS
12:25 PM
Foothill HS (NV)
12:35 PM
Los Alamitos HS
12:45 PM
El Dorado HS
12.55 PM
Break1:05 PM

Independent Marching Open

Flux Indoor Percussion
1:20 PM
Gold Indoor Percussion
1:30 PM
Vision Percussion
1:40 PM
Red Wave Indoor
1:50 PM
Elan Percussion
2:00 PM
Bakersfield College
2:10 PM
Break2:20 PM

Scholastic Marching World

Cupertino HS
2:35 PM
Sunny Hills HS
2:46 PM
Diamond Bar HS
2:57 PM
Rowland HS
3:08 PM
Etiwanda HS
3:19 PM
La Quinta HS
3:30 PM
Vista Murrieta HS
3:41 PM
Ayala HS
3:52 PM
Arcadia HS
4:03 PM
Chino Hills HS
4:14 PM
Break4:25 PM

Independent Marching World

Breakthrough Indoor Percussion
4:40 PM
4:51 PM
Dark Sky Percussion
5:02 PM
POW Percussion
5:13 PM
5:24 PM
Pulse Percussion
5:35 PM
Broken City
5:46 PM

Marching Percussion Prelims - Saturday, March 23

Scholastic Marching Open

Clovis HS9:00 AM
Foothill HS (NV)9:10 AM
Mission Viejo HS9:20 AM
Los Alamitos HS9:30 AM
Williams Field HS9:40 AM
Temple City HS9:50 AM
Casa Grande HS10:00 AM
Central HS10:10 AM
Los Gatos HS10:20 AM
Arcadia HS10:30 AM
Independence HS (Bakersfield)10:40 AM
Break10:50 AM
Campo Verde HS11:05 AM
West Ranch HS11:15 AM
El Dorado HS11:25 AM
Westminster HS11:35 AM
Granada Hills Charter HS11:45 AM
Chino HS11:55 AM
Foothill HS12:05 PM
San Marino HS12:15 PM
Carlsbad HS12:25 PM
Amador Valley HS12:35 PM
Rancho Cucamonga HS12:45 PM
Liberty HS12:55 PM
Break1:05 PM

Independent Marching Open

Vision Percussion1:20 PM
Red Wave Indoor1:30 PM
Flux Indoor Percussion1:40 PM
Tri-City Percussion1:50 PM
Gold Indoor Percussion2:00 PM
Bakersfield College2:10 PM
Elan Percussion2:20 PM
Catalyst2:30 PM
Break2:40 PM

Scholastic Marching World

Sunny Hills HS2:55 PM
Etiwanda HS3:06 PM
Cupertino HS3:17 PM
La Quinta HS3:28 PM
Chino Hills HS3:39 PM
Diamond Bar HS3:50 PM
Vista Murrieta HS4:01 PM
Rowland HS4:12 PM
Arcadia HS4:23 PM
Ayala HS4:34 PM
Break4:45 PM

Independent Marching World

Dark Sky Percussion4:55 PM
Broken City5:06 PM
Pulse Percussion5:17 PM
Vessel5:28 PM
RCC5:39 PM
POW Percussion5:50 PM
Breakthrough Indoor Percussion6:01 PM

2019 WGI Percussion West Power Regional - Coussoulis Arena Finals

All times local to venue and subject to change.

Concert Finals - Saturday, March 23

Scholastic Concert A

6:30 PM
Class Break6:39 PM

Scholastic Concert Open

6:42 PM

6:52 PM

7:02 PM

7:12 PM

7:22 PM
Class Break7:32 PM

Scholastic Concert World

7:35 PM

7:46 PM

7:57 PM

8:08 PM