2019 WGI Guard Indianapolis Regional - Warren Central

2019 WGI Guard Indianapolis Regional - Warren Central

Feb 16-17, 2019

2019 WGI Guard Indianapolis Regional (Warren Central) - Finals

Independent A
Purdue University Winter Guard9:00 AM
Collage9:08 AM
Slippery Rock University Winter Guard9:16 AM
Onyx9:24 AM
Scholastic A
New Palestine HS9:32 AM
Middletown HS9:40 AM
Lafayette HS9:48 AM
Mooresville HS9:56 AM
Carmel HS A10:04 AM
Carroll HS (IN)10:12 AM
Franklin Community HS10:20 AM
Zionsville Community HS10:28 AM
Break10:36 AM

Scholastic Open

Decatur Central HS10:53 AM
Greenwood Community HS11:02 AM
Hamilton Southeastern HS11:11 AM
Naperville Central HS11:20 AM
Homestead HS11:29 AM
Centerville HS11:38 AM
LaPorte HS11:47 AM
Marian Catholic HS11:56 AM
Milford HS (OH)12:05 PM
Ben Davis HS12:14 PM
Fishers HS12:23 PM

Independent Open

Marian University Enso12:32 PM
Phoenix Independent12:41 PM
Break12:50 PM

Scholastic World

Greenfield-Central HS1:04 PM
Northview HS1:14 PM
Plymouth-Canton Educational Park1:24 PM
Bellbrook HS1:34 PM
Shenendehowa HS1:44 PM
Warren Central HS1:54 PM
Norwin HS2:04 PM
Miamisburg HS2:14 PM
Center Grove HS2:24 PM
Carmel HS2:34 PM
Avon HS2:44 PM
Break2:54 PM

Independent World

Juxtaposition3:04 PM
Lexis3:14 PM
Bluecoats Indoor3:24 PM
Onyx3:34 PM
Pride of Cincinnati3:44 PM
Serendipity3:54 PM
End Time4:03 PM

2019 WGI Guard Indianapolis Regional (Warren Central) - Prelims

All times local to venue and subject to change.

Scholastic Regional A 
      Fairfield Jr. Sr HS10:00 AM
      New Palestine HS10:07 AM
      Northmont Middle School10:14 AM
      Franklin Central HS10:21 AM
      London HS10:28 AM
      Orleans Jr-Sr HS10:35 AM
      Westfield HS (IN)10:42 AM
Independent Regional A 
      Ladies of South Shore10:49 AM
      Convergence Winterguard10:56 AM
      Montgomery County United11:03 AM
Break11:10 AM
Independent A 
      Montage11:25 AM
      Ventures A11:33 AM
      Slippery Rock University Winter Guard11:41 AM
      Collage11:49 AM
      Odin Winter Guard11:57 AM
      Onyx12:05 PM
      Purdue University Winter Guard12:13 PM
Lunch12:21 PM
Scholastic Open 
      Lake Central HS01:15 PM
      Brownsburg HS01:24 PM
      Naperville Central HS01:33 PM
      Centerville HS01:42 PM
      Washington HS01:51 PM
      Ben Davis HS02:00 PM
      Decatur Central HS02:09 PM
      Homestead HS02:18 PM
      Hamilton Southeastern HS02:27 PM
      Greenwood Community HS02:36 PM
      Fishers HS02:45 PM
      Marian Catholic HS02:54 PM
      LaPorte HS03:03 PM
      Milford HS (OH)03:12 PM
Break03:21 PM
Independent Open 
      Avidity Independent03:30 PM
      Phoenix Independent03:39 PM
      Marian University Enso03:48 PM
Break03:57 PM
Scholastic World 
      Northview HS04:10 PM
      Miamisburg HS04:20 PM
      Plymouth-Canton Educational Park04:30 PM
      Warren Central HS04:40 PM
      Center Grove HS04:50 PM
      Avon HS05:00 PM
      Bellbrook HS05:10 PM
      Shenendehowa HS05:20 PM
      Norwin HS05:30 PM
      Greenfield-Central HS05:40 PM
      Carmel HS05:50 PM
Dinner06:00 PM
Independent World 
      Juxtaposition06:50 PM
      Bluecoats Indoor07:00 PM
      Pride of Cincinnati07:10 PM
      Lexis07:20 PM
      Onyx07:30 PM
End Time07:40 PM
Event Info
Watch the rest of prelims and all finals for the 2019 WGI Guard Indy Regional at Warren Central High School on February 16-17.