picture of 2019 WGI Guard Dallas Regional

Feb 9, 2019

Watch the 2019 WGI Guard Dallas Regional at Coppell High School on February 9. Catch Texas groups like CGT Dallas and Denton, and a full line-up of Scholastic A and Open groups to fill out the day.

2019 WGI Guard Dallas Regional - Finals

All times local to venue and subject to change.

Scholastic Regional A 
      Union HS06:15 PM
      Allen HS JV06:22 PM
      Timber Creek HS06:29 PM
Class Break06:36 PM
Scholastic A 
      Keller Central HS06:40 PM
      Timber Creek HS06:48 PM
      Lovejoy HS06:56 PM
      McKinney North HS07:04 PM
      Reedy HS07:12 PM
      Azle HS07:20 PM
      Memorial HS07:28 PM
      Keller HS A07:36 PM
      Colleyville Heritage HS07:44 PM
      The Colony HS07:52 PM
      Timberview HS08:00 PM
      Keller HS Varsity08:08 PM
      Lamar HS08:16 PM
      Southlake Carroll HS08:24 PM
      Guyer HS08:32 PM
Break08:40 PM
Independent A 
      Latitude Independent08:55 PM
      Eagle Mountain Independent09:03 PM
Class Break09:11 PM
Scholastic Open 
      Coppell HS09:15 PM
      Little Elm HS09:24 PM
      Aledo HS09:33 PM
      Cedar Park HS09:42 PM
      Flower Mound HS09:51 PM
      Choctaw HS10:00 PM
Class Break10:09 PM
Scholastic World 
      Marcus HS10:13 PM
Independent World 
      CGT Denton10:23 PM
      CGT Dallas10:33 PM
End Time10:43 PM

2019 WGI Guard Dallas Regional - Prelims

All times local to venue and subject to change.

Scholastic Regional A 
      Allen HS JV09:00 AM
      Timber Creek HS09:07 AM
      Union HS09:14 AM
Class Break09:21 AM
Scholastic A 
   Round 1 
      Lamar HS09:25 AM
      Brewer HS09:33 AM
      Southlake Carroll HS09:41 AM
      Lebanon Trail HS09:49 AM
      The Colony HS09:57 AM
      Lovejoy HS10:05 AM
      Berkner HS10:13 AM
      Liberty HS10:21 AM
      Wakeland HS10:29 AM
      Azle HS10:37 AM
      Forney HS10:45 AM
Break10:53 AM
   Round 2 
      Wylie HS11:10 AM
      Cleburne HS11:18 AM
      Midlothian HS11:26 AM
      Fossil Ridge HS11:34 AM
      Allen HS JV11:42 AM
      James Martin HS11:50 AM
      Union HS11:58 AM
      Keller HS Varsity12:06 PM
      Timberview HS12:14 PM
      Keller Central HS12:22 PM
      Memorial HS12:30 PM
Lunch12:38 PM
   Round 3 
      Mansfield HS01:25 PM
      Timber Creek HS01:33 PM
      Sachse HS01:41 PM
      Colleyville Heritage HS01:49 PM
      Reedy HS01:57 PM
      North Lamar HS02:05 PM
      Guyer HS02:13 PM
      McKinney North HS02:21 PM
      Keller HS A02:29 PM
      Red Oak HS02:37 PM
Break02:45 PM
Independent A 
      Latitude Independent03:00 PM
      Eagle Mountain Independent03:08 PM
Class Break03:16 PM
Scholastic Open 
      Allen HS03:20 PM
      Coppell HS03:29 PM
      Aledo HS03:38 PM
      Little Elm HS03:47 PM
      Wakeland HS03:56 PM
      Choctaw HS04:05 PM
      Flower Mound HS04:14 PM
      Cedar Park HS04:23 PM
Class Break04:32 PM
Scholastic World 
      Marcus HS04:36 PM
Independent World 
      CGT Denton04:46 PM
      CGT Dallas04:56 PM
End Time05:06 PM