picture of 2017 WGI East Percussion/Winds Power Regional

Completed, Mar 25-26, 2017

The fury of the WGI Sport of the Arts Power Regionals is in full effect. Beginning on Saturday, March 25, FloMarching will be the home to the most amazing performances all weekend long as ALL 6 Power Regionals will be streaming LIVE! So make sure you have everything set and your schedule clear so that you can see every minute of the action exclusively on FloMarching.

Here is the prelims schedule for the WGI East Percussion/Winds Power Regional.

All times are LOCAL to the event.


Ensemble Class Perform
Bayonne HS PSA 10:00 AM
West Milford HS PSA 10:09 AM
Parkland HS PSA 10:18 AM
Downingtown Area School District PSA 10:27 AM
Westhill HS PSA 10:36 AM
Hatboro-Horsham HS PSA 10:45 AM
Perkiomen Valley HS PSA 10:54 AM
Hilton HS PSA 11:03 AM
Fair Lawn HS PSA 11:12 AM
King Philip Regional HS PSA 11:21 AM
Unionville HS PSA 11:30 AM
Lunch   11:39 AM
In Motion Wind Performance Company WIA 12:35 PM
East Coast Percussion PIA 12:44 PM
Aftermath Percussion PIA 12:53 PM
Rahway HS PSCO 1:06 PM
Conestoga Valley HS PSCO 1:16 PM
Mechanicsburg HS PSO 1:26 PM
Chantilly HS PSO 1:36 PM
Old Bridge HS PSO 1:46 PM
Trumbull HS PSO 1:56 PM
Norwalk HS PSO 2:06 PM
Break   2:16 PM
Pennsauken Independent PIO 2:30 PM
Imperial Dynasty PIO 2:40 PM
Spirit Winter Percussion PIO 2:50 PM
George Mason University PIW 3:04 PM
United Percussion PIW 3:15 PM
Finals Conclude   3:26 PM


Scholastic Marching A
Columbia HS 11:00 AM
Methacton HS 11:09 AM
North Penn HS 11:18 AM
West Milford HS 11:27 AM
King Philip Regional HS 11:36 AM
Ridley HS 11:45 AM
Parkland HS 11:54 AM
Perkiomen Valley HS 12:03 PM
Hatboro-Horsham HS 12:12 PM
Abington HS 12:21 PM
Upper Moreland HS 12:30 PM
Break 12:39 PM
Williamstown HS 12:55 PM
Southern Regional HS 01:04 PM
Fair Lawn HS 01:13 PM
Hempfield HS 01:22 PM
Downingtown Area School District 01:31 PM
Penncrest HS 01:40 PM
Unionville HS 01:49 PM
Westhill HS 01:58 PM
Hilton HS 02:07 PM
Bayonne HS 02:16 PM
Break 02:25 PM
In Motion Wind Performance Company - WIA 02:40 PM
Independent Marching A
Aftermath Percussion 02:49 PM
East Coast Percussion 02:58 PM
Class Break 03:07 PM
Scholastic Concert Open
Conestoga Valley HS 03:11 PM
Rahway HS 03:21 PM
Scholastic Marching Open
Chantilly HS 03:31 PM
Norwalk HS 03:41 PM
Mechanicsburg HS 03:51 PM
Old Bridge HS 04:01 PM
Trumbull HS 04:11 PM
Break 04:21 PM
Independent Marching Open
Imperial Dynasty 04:35 PM
Pennsauken Independent 04:45 PM
Spirit Winter Percussion 04:55 PM
Class Break 05:05 PM
Independent Marching World
George Mason University 05:09 PM
United Percussion 05:20 PM
End Time 05:31 PM