picture of 2022 Bluecoats Spring Training Visit

Check out a first look at the 2022 Bluecoats as they prepare in rural Indiana for a full summer tour of DCI competition.

All Access-Bluecoats Creative Team Roundtable

All Access: Bluecoats Creative Team Discuss the 2022 Show, Scores, Their Creative Process, and More

Jul 14, 2022

We caught up with Bluecoats creative team members Jonathan Vanderkolff, Dean Westman, and Doug Thrower, and chatted about everything from their 2022 production titled 'Riffs and Revelations,' to DCI post-COVID, to their unique creative process at the Bluecoats.


0:00-0:21 - Intros

0:21-1:17 - Where are you in your 2022 spring training process

1:18-2:24 - Characteristics/feelings of the drum corps season 

2:25-3:15 - Improving over the weeks

3:16-6:30 - “Experimental nature of spring training”

6:31-7:55 - Process & problem solving the big ideas

7:56-10:46 - Why Bluecoats hold back show information until their first performance

10:47-14:45 - 2022 narrative & story

14:46-15:43 - 2022 music

15:44-20:25 Drum corps design then and now

20:26-22:06 Lessons & reminders

22:07-24:30 - Previous years vs 2022; music, costumes, anxiety, and emotion

24:31-25:24 Finding the right ideas that’ll connect with everyone

25:25-27:30 Element of ownership over what gets put on the field

27:31-29:00 - Communication between the staff

29:01-30:09 Doug’s process

30:10-36:14 Scores & competition this season

36:15-39:20 - Not taking things for granted after COVID

39:21-43:14 - Post-COVID realizations for this season & beyond

43:15-45:32 - Goals for the season

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