picture of All-Access: Claudia Taylor Johnson

A look into Claudia Taylor Johnson's journey to America's Super Regional in San Antonio, Texas and how they became a BOA Grand National top 10 band.

All-Access: Claudia Taylor Johnson (Trailer)

All-Access: Claudia Taylor Johnson (Trailer)

Dec 9, 2016

In FloMarching's first full-length feature, we follow one of the most energetic, youthful, and exciting programs in the country: Claudia Taylor Johnson.

Get an up-close and personal look at the band that has taken the marching arts community by storm. Known throughout the marching community as CTJ, Claudia Taylor has risen to the top in one of the most competitive areas in the country. CTJ competes weekly with the likes of Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Vandegrift, Cedar Park, and Leander to name a few. Born in and around amazing programs, the only way CTJ could rise through the ranks was to carve a name for itself and create its own style.

Striving to be as entertaining as it is competitive, the Claudia Taylor Johnson band has established itself as one of a kind and firmly planted itself among the best in the country.