DCI Update: Pacific Crest Announce 2022 Show - 'welcome to the void'

DCI Update: Pacific Crest Announce 2022 Show - 'welcome to the void'

Pacific Crest Drum & Bugle Corps reveal their DCI 2022 production titled 'welcome to the void'

Mar 8, 2022 by Natalie Shelton
DCI Update: Pacific Crest Announce 2022 Show - 'welcome to the void'

In March, Pacific Crest Drum and Bugle Corps revealed their 2022 production titled 'welcome to the void' after steadily releasing show teaser videos and graphics throughout January and February.

While no concrete information about the show design has been revealed officially, their teaser video that was released in January gives a few hints about where the show's direction may be headed.

If you look at the video closely, you can see (in very short snippets) clips of some of the most iconic DCI shows throughout the years - Santa Clara Vanguard's 1989 show 'Phantom of the Opera,' The Cadets' 2005 show 'The Zone,' Carolina Crown's 2013 show 'E = mc2,' and more. As such, audiences are speculating that the show is going a more 'meta' route, potentially borrowing themes, imagery, and tunes from years past, and blending them with something new and uniquely Pacific Crest. And in sticking true to that theme, the corps even borrowed props from past DCI shows to spell out 'void' in their show graphic:

V - Pacific Crest 2019 - 'Everglow'

O - Santa Clara Vanguard 2017 - 'Ouroboros'

I - The Cadets 2005 - 'The Zone'

D - Sky Ryders 1982 - 'Over the Rainbow'

PC recently released its musical selections for the 2022 production, along with the caption "bangers only in the void:"

  • Finale by Andy Hull & Robert McDowell
  • The Void (original composition) by Bradley Kerr Green, Ezekiel Lanser, and Jonathan Zuniga
  • Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode
  • Intruder by Peter Gabriel (from "New Blood")
  • Where Is My Mind by Safari Riot feat. Grayson Sanders

Fans certainly are excited about the prospect of a show that melds old and new together - possibly moving throughout time with doors and portals being opened, walked-through, and closed.

You can catch a performance of 'welcome to the void' this summer in early-season competition at Drum Corps at the Rose Bowl and at Western Corps Connection, in addition to NightBEAT on July 31st, DCI Eastern Classic on August 6th, and at DCI World Championships starting on August 11th.

Continue to check back in on FloMarching throughout Spring for the latest DCI news and updates!

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