WGI 2022 Show Announcements - IW Color Guard

WGI 2022 Show Announcements - IW Color Guard

A Running List of the Season IW Color Guard Show Announcements for the WGI 2022 Season

Jan 21, 2022 by Natalie Shelton
WGI 2022 Show Announcements - IW Color Guard

Below, you'll find a running list of show titles, program information, music repertoires, and show graphics from the Independent World class as they get released. Continue to check back in on this page for updates!

Alter Ego Winter Guard

Show Title: Game of Egos

Repertoire: Featuring music by Ramin Djawadi, Eternal Eclipse, and Imagine Dragons

Program Information: "Acknowledging issues of self-doubt and insecurity, this show focuses on the internal conflict everyone faces and the path to resolve it. Rather than pretending to be someone others want you to be, the answer lies in your true self."

Amp Winter Guard

Show Title: Why So Serious?

Repertoire: TBA

Program Information: "AMP’s production is inspired by the most popular villain of all time... the JOKER."

The Black Watch Winter Guard

Show Title: Bo•tanik

Repertoire: Music and soundtrack include selections from Four Tet, J Foerster, N Kramer, yMusic and Nicholas Britell. 

Program Information: "Filled with some of the world’s rarest plant species, the botanical garden provides the perfect setting to stop, relax, and enjoy the moment around you. Warm air, delightful smells, and chattering wildlife all meet at this singular datum to create an oasis of diversity. “Bo•tanik” aims to capture the allure and wonder of the botanical garden."

Blessed Sacrament Colorguard

Show Title: Canon inDeed

Repertoire: Featuring a variation on 'Pachelbel’s Canon in D'

Program Information: "Inspired by the composer’s compositional technique, SAC takes this musical method, along with its variations, and applies it to their staging and choreography to present a visual collage."

Elevate Performing Arts

Show Title: R!SE

Repertoire: Featuring music from Atalanta, John Psathas - Fabian Ziegler & John Psathas.

Program Information: "Elevate’s “R!SE,” is portrayed in 3 movements: 1. The Drop In, 2. The Inner Struggle, 3. The Attempt."

Etude Winterguard

Show Title: U N I C O R N

Repertoire: TBA

Program Information: TBA

Fantasia Winter Guard

Show Title: Beyond the Glass

Repertoire: TBA

Program Information: TBA

FIU World

Show Title: Table for Two

Repertoire: TBA

Program Information: TBA

Fusion Winter Guard

Show Title: The Great Green Room

Repertoire: Featuring musical composition by Eric Whitacre

Program Information: "The Great Green Room is a musical adaptation of the popular children’s book, Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown."

Invictus World

Show Title: LET ME IN

Repertoire: TBA

Program Information: TBA

Juxtaposition Winter Guard

Show Title: Ties That Bind

Repertoire: Soundtrack composition by Bryan Harmsen

Program Information: TBA

Lake Area Independent

Show Title: To Catch A Dream

Repertoire: TBA

Program Information: "To Catch a Dream explores the journey a dream takes throughout the night. The members will be representing dreams that use the night as their playground. Dreams can change and transform, even becoming mischievous and sinister. A tale is woven as the dreams interact with a dreamcatcher that occupies the entire floor throughout the night until daybreak."

Lexis Winter Guard

Show Title: In the Belly of the Beast

Repertoire: Featuring the music of Natureboy Flako, West Dylan Thorsdon, and Peter Gabriel

Program Information: "Our production creates an atmosphere of strife, conflict, confinement, and ultimately perseverance as the cast journey's through the depths of the belly toward liberation."

Malachi Winterguard

Show Title: You & I

Repertoire: TBA

Program Information: "You & I explores the personal and emotional connections that lead us from one moment to the next in our lives. Acknowledging that we must depend on others to develop enduring connections."

Mirage Performance Ensemble

Show Title: As The World Caves In

Repertoire: TBA

Program Information: TBA


Show Title: Sure on This Shining Night

Repertoire: TBA

Program Information: TBA


Show Title: Genesis

Repertoire: TBA

Program Information: TBA

Paramount Winterguard

Show Title: Until the End

Repertoire: TBA

Program Information: "Paramount 2022 will explore what it means to face “the End” with fearless strength, love, joy, togetherness, and the empowering perspective of 'I can choose how to face the End.'"

Pride of Cincinnati

Show Title: Adiós

Repertoire: Featuring the music of Benjamin Clementine

Program Information: TBA

Relentless Guard

Show Title: Arrakis

Repertoire: Featuring sound design by Nick Vizza O'Neil

Program Information: "Arrakis (/əˈrɑːkɪs/) a fictional desert planet featured in the Dune series of novels by Frank Herbert. Relentless takes a stylistic approach to the story of a civilization struggling to balance their relationship with an unforgiving natural world, and the unintended consequences of their actions."

Spintronix Color Guard

Show Title: Fight Club

Repertoire: TBA

Program Information: TBA

UCF Pegasus

Show Title: Kubrick

Repertoire: TBA

Program Information: TBA

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