2021 REBROADCAST: DCI Cape Girardeau

How to Watch: 2021 REBROADCAST: DCI Cape Girardeau

How to Watch: 2021 REBROADCAST: DCI Cape Girardeau

How to watch REBROADCAST: DCI Cape Girardeau 2021 on FloMarching.

Jul 23, 2021
How to Watch: 2021 REBROADCAST: DCI Cape Girardeau

Here's how to watch the 2021 REBROADCAST: DCI Cape Girardeau on FloMarching.

The 2021 REBROADCAST: DCI Cape Girardeau starts on Aug 11, 2021.

Must-Have Information For Watching DCI In 2021

  • Full List of Corps Show Announcements - Read through each of the drum and bugle corps' program announcements and music repertoire that is being brought to the field to perform at DCI events this summer.
  • 5 Reasons To Be Excited for DCI 2021 - Read about why you should be watching Drum Corps International this year—more events than ever, on-demand archives, and removing scores met with an outflowing of pent-up creativity will pay big dividends for drum corps fans this summer. 
  • The Upstage, hosted by Josh and Luke Gall - "The Upstage" is the newest show on FloMarching, covering the 2021 DCI season and everything marching arts! Tune in every week to catch Josh and Luke Gall breaking down the latest news and updates coming from the drum and bugle corps and fight it out "Head to Head" on different topics each week.

2021 DCI Delayed Broadcast Streaming Schedule

*This is a 24-hour delayed rebroadcast of the 2021 DCI season on FloMarching. If you are looking for the real-time, live feed of the events, click here.

7/31 - Saturday - REBROADCAST: 2021 River City Rhapsody - La Crosse

7/31 - Saturday - REBROADCAST: Corps Encore

8/1 - Sunday - REBROADCAST: Drums on Parade

8/1 - Sunday - REBROADCAST: Drums Along the Rockies - Cheyenne

8/1 - Sunday - REBROADCAST: Drum Corps at the Rose Bowl

8/2 - Monday - REBROADCAST: Music on the March

8/2 - Monday - REBROADCAST: Drums Along the Rockies

8/4 - Wednesday - REBROADCAST: DCI Showcase - Quincy

8/4 - Wednesday - REBROADCAST: DCI West Texas Drums

8/5 - Thursday - REBROADCAST: DCI Showcase - Lawrence

8/5 - Thursday - REBROADCAST: DCI Celebration - Austin

8/6 - Friday - REBROADCAST: East Coast Classic

8/7 - Saturday - REBROADCAST: Show of Shows

8/7 - Saturday - REBROADCAST: DCI Celebration - Mesquite

8/8 - Sunday - REBROADCAST: Cavalcade of Brass

8/8 - Sunday - REBROADCAST: DCI East Celebration

8/9 - Monday - REBROADCAST: Rotary Music Festival

8/9 - Monday - REBROADCAST: DCI Celebration - Little Rock

8/10 - Tuesday - REBROADCAST: DCI Celebration - Akron

8/11 - Wednesday - REBROADCAST: Soaring Sounds

8/11 - Wednesday REBROADCAST: DCI Celebration - Marion

8/11 - Wednesday REBROADCAST: DCI Cape Girardeau

8/13-8/15 - REBROADCAST: DCI Celebration

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