Cypress Independent Performs With Lady Gaga At Super Bowl LI Halftime Show

Cypress Independent Performs With Lady Gaga At Super Bowl LI Halftime Show

See who the guard members were that performed for Lady Gaga's Super Bowl LI halftime performance.

Feb 6, 2017 by Michael Gilley
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Immediately following Lady Gaga's Super Bowl LI halftime performance, social media was buzzing about the performers tossing air blades during the show at NRG Stadium in Houston on Sunday night.

For those who haven't gotten the answer yet, they were Houston's own Cypress Independent World Color Guard.

"We first got word of the project a little less than a month before game day," Cypress Independent staff member Christopher Tyer said in an interview with WGI. "Since confidentiality was such a big part of the project, the first communications were very vague, and we had to go with the information given to us."

The 30-member ensemble that performed in the show was a mixed cast of members from every year that Cypress has been in existence. Rehearsals were conducted through a private Facebook group, and since Lady Gaga's creative team was constantly changing the design of the show, members were forced to learn choreography to many different songs.

"There were times when we would do full runs and once we finished our part of the show, we would get production notes and changes while Lady Gaga finished the rest of the run through," Tyler told WGI. "Then, we would immediately reset and do another rep where we had to perform the changes that we had just learned. Having 30 performers be able to make changes on the fly like that really amazed me."

Read more about the performance from WGI


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