2024 DCI World Championship

When Are DCI Finals 2024? Here's What To Know

When Are DCI Finals 2024? Here's What To Know

The DCI Finals 2024 will take place on August 8-10 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. Here's what to know.

Jul 9, 2024 by Kylie Rodriguez

Everybody in the sport of marching band wants to get the chance to compete at the DCI World Championships. 

And those that do this year will be in the Hoosier state in August. 

The DCI World Championships 2024 take place from Aug. 8-10, at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Here's what to know about DCI Worlds 2024. 

Everything You Need To Know About the 2024 DCI Season

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 Forty corps make it to the preliminary round, and only 25 move on to the semifinal round. Twelve corps make it to the DCI Finals. 

The competition gets really tight in the finals-- literally. 

The winner of the DCI 2023 Finals came down to a little more than a point and for second and third place, seventh hundreds of a point.   

Here is more about when the DCI Finals 2024 take place. 

When Are The DCI Finals? 

The DCI World Championship 2024 starts on August 8 with the preliminary round and then the semifinals take place on August 9 and it all finishes with the finals on August 10. 

DCI 2024 Current Ranking (as of July 9th at 12pm)

World Class
2Blue Devils82.050
3Phantom Regiment80.650
4Boston Crusaders78.450
6Carolina Crown77.950
7Santa Clara Vanguard77.500
8The Cavaliers77.150
10Blue Stars75.550
11Madison Scouts73.150
13Blue Knights72.250
14Pacific Crest71.050
15The Academy68.350
16Seattle Cascades61.650

Open Class
1Blue Devils B68.100
4River City Rhythm62.100
5Colt Cadets61.150
8Golden Empire58.250
107th Regiment53.350
11Blue Devils C52.250

All-Age Class
1Reading Buccaneers76.950
2Cincinnati Tradition74.950
4Hawthorne Caballeros74.300
5Rogues Hollow Regiment72.700
7Fusion Core66.300

DCI 2024 Streaming Schedule

Here's a list of all of the DCI 2024 events you can stream live on FloMarching this summer:

FloMarching Replays With Sound

Performances from the event will be archived and stored in a video library for FloMarching subscribers to watch following the completion of each streamed competition. 

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