2024 Summer Music Games in Cincinnati

5 Takeaways from the First Two Weeks of the 2024 DCI Season

5 Takeaways from the First Two Weeks of the 2024 DCI Season

With two weeks of the DCI season under our belts, here are five key takeaways from the 2024 DCI season so far. Stream DCI 2024 exclusively on FloMarching!

Jul 8, 2024 by Natalie Shelton
5 Takeaways from the First Two Weeks of the 2024 DCI Season

It's hard to believe that in the blink of an eye, we're already two weeks into the 2024 DCI season. With almost twenty shows already in the books, let's take a look at five of the key takeaways from the start of the season:

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1. Mandarins comin' in hot

One corps that has had an astronomical rise over the last five years has been the Mandarins. From finishing around the 20th place mark in the early 2010s to locking down a sixth place finish in the 2023 season, the Mandarins have kept the momentum going into 2024. The Northern California corps has yet to finish lower than third place in the half-dozed competitions they've participated in so far, with their most recent showing at the DCI Capital Classic on July 7th earning them second place with a score of 78.400. While BD claimed gold, Mandarins most notably finished ahead of Santa Clara Vanguard for the first time ever by almost a full point and finished ahead in every caption aside from Music (though, worth noting that Mandarins earned higher total scores in both Brass and Music Analysis. In the Percussion caption, SCV finished ahead of Mandarins by over a point).

What's next for the Mandarins this season? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: you're going to want to keep an eye on the Mandarins. 

2. Caption Races are going to be CLOSE

If the first few shows of the season are any indication of how close the Caption Race is going to be this season, then we're in for a wild ride. Of course, it's still early on in the season and it's likely that a lot of corps are still adding to their shows, let's take a look at Summer Music Games in Cincinnati as an example:

Overall placements and scores:

  1. Bluecoats - 78.750
  2. Boston Crusaders - 78.450
  3. Carolina Crown - 77.950
  4. Phantom Regiment - 75.600

At face value, those scores don't seem like anything out of the ordinary. Now when we dive into the captions, that's when things get fun:

General Effect

  1. Bluecoats - 32.200
  2. Boston Crusaders - 31.800
  3. Carolina Crown - 31.300
  4. Phantom Regiment - 30.600


  1. Boston Crusaders - 23.400
  2. Bluecoats - 23.300
  3. Carolina Crown - 23.100
  4. Phantom Regiment - 22.550

* The Color Guard caption was also won by Boston, with the rankings following the same order as the overall Visual caption


  1. Carolina Crown - 23.550
  2. TIE, Bluecoats - 23.250
  3. TIE, Boston Crusaders - 23.250
  4. Phantom Regiment - 22.450

* The Brass caption was won by Crown, followed by Boston, Bluecoats, and then Phantom Regiment

* The Percussion caption was won by Boston, followed by Bluecoats, Crown, and then Phantom Regiment

Wild, right? The next time fans can look forward to seeing Boston, Bluecoats, and Crown take the field together will be at DCI Broken Arrow on July 16th with the added bonus of having the Blue Devils thrown into the mix. We'll be streaming DCI Broken Arrow here on FloMarching, so sign up today to see all the action!

3. Bluecoats are currently atop the leaderboard (based on most recent score)

It's no secret that the Blue Devils have been on an unprecedented unbeaten streak (the last time BD lost was at World Championship Prelims in 2019), but at the current moment, the Bluecoats are currently sitting in first place in the Rankings based on most recent score. The Canton-based corps lit up River City Rhapsody on July 7th and earned an 83.400, finishing ahead of the second-place ensemble by a massive margin of 2.750 points. 

A little fun fact to add to this Bluecoats/Blue Devils discussion: The last corps to beat the Blue Devils? The Bluecoats... at World Championship Prelims in 2019.

4. Current Rankings

We can't talk takeaways without checking out the current Rankings, so let's take a minute to dive into the numbers:

Current Rankings by Most Recent Score (as of 12pm ET, July 8)

* Please note that not every corps has made its 2024 debut, and some corps may have competed more recently than others, based on individual tour schedules and show cancellations

World Class
2Blue Devils82.050
3Phantom Regiment80.650
4Boston Crusaders78.450
6Carolina Crown77.950
7Santa Clara Vanguard77.500
8The Cavaliers77.150
10Blue Stars75.550
11Madison Scouts73.150
13Blue Knights72.250
14Pacific Crest71.050
15The Academy68.350
16Seattle Cascades61.650

Open Class
1Blue Devils B68.100
4River City Rhythm62.100
5Colt Cadets61.150
8Golden Empire58.250
107th Regiment53.350
11Blue Devils C52.250

All-Age Class
1Reading Buccaneers76.950
2Cincinnati Tradition74.950
4Hawthorne Caballeros74.300
5Rogues Hollow Regiment72.700
7Fusion Core66.300

5. Caption Race

Now that we've gone over the Rankings by most recent score, let's take a look at the Caption Race standings after two weeks of competition:

Caption Race by Most Recent Score (as of 12pm ET, July 8)

* Please note that not every corps has made its 2024 debut, and some corps may have competed more recently than others, based on individual tour schedules and show cancellations

General Effect CaptionScoreShow
1Bluecoats33.900River City Rhapsody
2Blue Devils32.900DCI Capital Classic
3Phantom Regiment32.700River City Rhapsody
4Mandarins32.100DCI Capital Classic
5Boston Crusaders31.800Summer Music Games in Cincinnati
6Carolina Crown31.300Summer Music Games in Cincinnati
7Santa Clara Vanguard31.200DCI Capital Classic

Color Guard CaptionScoreShow
1Bluecoats16.500River City Rhapsody
2Phantom Regiment16.100River City Rhapsody
3Blue Devils16.000DCI Capital Classic
4Boston Crusaders15.800Summer Music Games in Cincinnati
5Carolina Crown15.500Summer Music Games in Cincinnati
6The Cavaliers15.400The Whitewater Classic
7Blue Stars15.300River City Rhapsody

Brass CaptionScoreShow
1Bluecoats16.500River City Rhapsody
1Blue Devils16.500DCI Capital Classic
3Mandarins15.900DCI Capital Classic
4Carolina Crown15.800Summer Music Games in Cincinnati
5Santa Clara Vanguard15.700DCI Capital Classic
6Phantom Regiment15.600River City Rhapsody
7Boston Crusaders15.400Summer Music Games in Cincinnati

Percussion CaptionScoreShow
1Bluecoats16.600River City Rhapsody
2Blue Devils16.400DCI Capital Classic
2The Cavaliers16.400The Whitewater Classic
4Santa Clara Vanguard16.100DCI Capital Classic
5Phantom Regiment16.000River City Rhapsody
6Boston Crusaders15.700Summer Music Games in Cincinnati
7Colts15.600River City Rhapsody