THE WORLD CLASS EXPERIENCE: Hannah Brady of Tampa Independent - Episode #3

THE WORLD CLASS EXPERIENCE: Hannah Brady of Tampa Independent - Episode #3

Follow along with Tampa Independent's 2023 WGI season through monthly member vlogs, THE WORLD CLASS EXPERIENCE, created by third year member Hannah Brady

Feb 24, 2023 by Natalie Shelton
THE WORLD CLASS EXPERIENCE: Hannah Brady of Tampa Independent - Episode #3

FloMarching's WORLD CLASS EXPERIENCE vlog series aims to bring FloMarching fans an inside look at world-class marching ensembles. These monthly installments follow members from Tampa Independent and more, and will run through WGI World Championship Finals in Dayton, Ohio.


Design Camps

Design camps can be some of the most exciting times of the season. Getting to learn about your show and make it come to life is extremely rewarding. On the flip side, design camps can be tough on your body and your mind as you learn and try so many new things. Due to this, you have to make sure you are taking care of your body and mind. Stretch your muscles, ice any injuries (because they’re inevitable), and do something relaxing afterward. Also, make sure you are kind to yourself and your teammates during these taxing weekends; remember, you are not supposed to be perfect yet! 


As I said in the video, premiere can be one of the most fun shows of the season. You are debuting your show for the season, you finally get to hear applause again, and for us, it was our first time performing in the world class. Following all of the difficult design camp weekends and scrambling to put together a 6-minute show, it all becomes worth it when you walk into the gym to perform. This premiere, it felt surreal to hear how excited the audience was to watch us be in world class for the first time. 

With all of the excitement can come nerves, and that is totally okay and normal. I could not even estimate how many times I have performed and I still get the pre-performance jitters. Take deep breaths and lean on your teammates, they are going through it with you. When people use the phrase “trust your technique” that is exactly what it means. Nothing changes about your approach once you are in front of an audience. Even through the nerves, make sure you are having fun when you are in front of an audience. Ultimately, the audience and supportive atmosphere are what make our activity so unique and special. Make sure you cherish those moments because you will remember that feeling forever.