WGI 2023 Show Announcement Running List - IW Percussion

WGI 2023 Show Announcement Running List - IW Percussion

A running list of the Independent World Percussion show announcements for the 2023 WGI season. Check back frequently to see updates as they're released!

Jan 23, 2023 by Natalie Shelton
WGI 2023 Show Announcement Running List - IW Percussion

Below, you'll find a running list of show titles, program information, music repertoires, and show graphics from Independent World Percussion programs as they get released. Continue to check back in on this page for updates!

Atlanta Quest

Show Title: Bring Me A Dream

Repertoire: TBA

Program Information: "We don't always dream that which we imagine. Come with us as we leave the waking world and experience another - one occupied by perpetual dreamers that have already succumbed to the malediction of the Sandman."

Broken City

Show Title: Self


Program Information: SELF (n) /self/ - A person's essential being that distinguishes them from others


Show Title: This Sacred Geometry

Repertoire Includes:

  • The music of Tool

Program Information: "Pattern unites nature, the universe, science, and the arts throughout history as if created by an omnipresent sacred geometer.  Unexplained mathematical connections can be drawn between objects in nature and those created by humankind.  Featuring music by the progressive metal band Tool and composed using the Fibonacci Sequence, our program is an audio and visual exploration of these phenomena as we search for our origin and our meaning."

Infinity Percussion

Show Title: For Myself

Repertoire: TBA

Program Information: TBA

MBI Indoor Percussion

Show Title: Fade to Black

Repertoire: TBA

Program Information: TBA

Monarch Independent

Show Title: ...Like the Wind

Repertoire: TBA

Program Information: "What we can't see, we feel."

Music City Mystique

Show Title: Plastique

Repertoire: TBA

Program Information: "Melt me. Make me."

POW Percussion

Show Title: Asylum

Repertoire includes:

  • Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

Program Information: TBA

Pulse Percussion

Show Title: Where the Streets Have No Name

Repertoire includes:

  • Where the Streets Have No Name by U2

Program Information: "I’ll show you a place high on the desert plain, where the streets have no name”


Show Title: Home

Repertoire: TBA

Program Information: "Get ready for an electrifying journey where comfort and tradition collide with the fantastical and unexpected! As we dive deep into the soul of what makes each home so unique, brace yourself for a journey where the mundane transforms into magic. From the flicker of a light, to the coziness of your favorite chair, we'll unlock the essence of HOME and all the wonders that reside within its walls.

Come one, come all and join us as we step through the doors of home with RCC Indoor, for a truly unforgettable experience!"

Rhythm X

Show Title: Unspoken

Repertoire: TBA

Program Information: TBA

Rhythmic Force

Show Title: From Here To There

Repertoire Includes: The music of Victor Wooten and Andrew Markworth

Program Information: "'From Here To There' implies that while every story has a beginning and an end, the significance is in the continuous journey that takes us from one place to the next. 'From Here To There' aims to capture the confinement, release, exploration, and connections that help us all find a purpose within our own journey. Paired with breathtaking staging and set design, RF’s 2023 production parallels the ensemble members’ own journey to share their passion with you."