SHOW RELEASE TRAILER: Carolina Crown 2023 - ''The Round Table: Echoes of Camelot''


A legend told for centuries. The boy who would be king. Compelled to embrace his destiny, King Arthur assembled a court of brave, fierce, and honorable followers who pledged their lives and loyalty to him. Their shared vision: to create a kingdom where justice, harmony, and the noble principles of chivalry prevail. And Camelot—the court and stronghold of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table—was the epicenter of their dreams and mythic quests.

Yet, even in a realm of loyalty and honor, forbidden passions lurk. A flawed hero, the gallant Sir Lancelot, surrenders to the beauty of Queen Guinevere. And their love affair becomes a tale of secrecy and betrayal, igniting a spark that weakens Camelot and serves as the catalyst for its eventual downfall. Arthur becomes weakened and vulnerable. And as the sun sets on his reign, he finds himself haunted by the weight of his choices. He questions whether the sacrifices made were worth the cost. Will his story and his Camelot be forgotten, or will they be forever remembered and revered?

Based on Sir Thomas Malory’s “Le More d’Arthur,” our production is a modern retelling of these fabled legends and the rise and fall of Camelot.