2021 WGI Virtual Event Group Semifinals B

2021 WGI Virtual Event Group Semifinals B

Apr 10-11, 2021

Check out the full results for the 2021 WGI Virtual Event Group Semifinals B from Sunday, April 11th.

Guard Finalists

Group NameClassification
Badger Middle SchoolJunior
Clements JV Middle SchoolJunior
Dartmouth HSJunior
Jenks Middle SchoolJunior
Knox Junior HSJunior
Lake Orion MS JuniorJunior
Liberty Middle SchoolJunior
Live Oak Junior HSJunior
Mauldin HS CadetJunior
McCullough Junior High JVJunior
McCullough Junior High VarsityJunior
Nixa Junior HighJunior
Norwin Middle SchoolJunior
Oxford Middle SchoolJunior
Phoenix ElementaryJunior
Red Oak Elementary SchoolJunior
Round Rock Middle SchoolJunior
Silverbrook Intermediate SchoolJunior
Tavares MSJunior

Aledo HS JVScholastic Regional A
Arlington HSScholastic Regional A
Bastrop HSScholastic Regional A
Bentonville West HSScholastic Regional A
Braden River HS JVScholastic Regional A
Catawba Ridge HSScholastic Regional A
Cedar Park HS JVScholastic Regional A
Coppell HS JV2Scholastic Regional A
Cypress Creek HSScholastic Regional A
Douglas County HSScholastic Regional A
Eden Prairie HS JVScholastic Regional A
Foothill HSScholastic Regional A
Frisco Centennial HS VarsityScholastic Regional A
Hardin Valley AcademyScholastic Regional A
Hebron HS JVScholastic Regional A
Lake Travis HS JVScholastic Regional A
Lexington HS JVScholastic Regional A
Lovejoy HSScholastic Regional A
Lubbock-Cooper HSScholastic Regional A
Mars Area HSScholastic Regional A
McCracken County HSScholastic Regional A
Moe and Gene Johnson HS JVScholastic Regional A
Montwood HSScholastic Regional A
Moon Area HSScholastic Regional A
Morton HSScholastic Regional A
Pebble Hills HS JVScholastic Regional A
Pine Tree HSScholastic Regional A
Seven Lakes HS JVScholastic Regional A
Sharyland HSScholastic Regional A
Sioux Falls Lincoln HSScholastic Regional A
Timber Creek HSScholastic Regional A
Upper Dublin HSScholastic Regional A
Weatherford HSScholastic Regional A
West Bend Combined SchoolsScholastic Regional A
Westlake HS JV (TX)Scholastic Regional A

Bearcat Winter GuardIndependent Regional A
Divenire IRAIndependent Regional A
Kent CityIndependent Regional A
Mark Twain IndependentIndependent Regional A
Mesa Ridge ColorguardIndependent Regional A
Shelby County Winter GuardIndependent Regional A
South Grand Prairie HSIndependent Regional A
Spring ISDIndependent Regional A
Winter StarIndependent Regional A

Alpharetta HSScholastic A
Bartram Trail HSScholastic A
Bethel HSScholastic A
Billerica Memorial HSScholastic A
Blue Springs HS VarsityScholastic A
Blue Springs South HS VarsityScholastic A
E.D. White HSScholastic A
Easley HSScholastic A
Father Ryan HSScholastic A
Franklin Central HS AScholastic A
Franklin HS (TN)Scholastic A
Hamilton HSScholastic A
Hebron HSScholastic A
Jupiter HSScholastic A
Kettering Fairmont HSScholastic A
Lake Orion HSScholastic A
Lakota West HSScholastic A
Lehi HSScholastic A
Lexington HSScholastic A
Lockport Township HSScholastic A
Mason HSScholastic A
Mustang HS VarsityScholastic A
Pace HSScholastic A
Pearland HSScholastic A
Prosper HS AScholastic A
River Bluff HSScholastic A
Rouse HSScholastic A
Salem HSScholastic A
Skyridge HS VarsityScholastic A
Thompson HSScholastic A
Vista Ridge HSScholastic A
West Harrison HSScholastic A
Westwood HSScholastic A

901 Performance Ensemble from Missouri StateIndependent A
ATX WinterguardIndependent A
Blackstone-Millville Regional HS ChargersIndependent A
Caledonia IndependentIndependent A
Divenire Winter GuardIndependent A
Dolce Independent Winter GuardIndependent A
Edge IndependentIndependent A
Eklipse AIndependent A
EmeraldIndependent A
FIU GOLDIndependent A
Ionic Independent Winter GuardIndependent A
Maine AttractionIndependent A
Malachi AIndependent A
National Avenue from Missouri State UniversityIndependent A
OmegaIndependent A
One LightIndependent A
OnyxIndependent A
PacificairesIndependent A
Purdue UniversityIndependent A
Reverie AIndependent A
Rogue IndependentIndependent A
Royal GuardIndependent A
Slippery Rock University Winter GuardIndependent A
Smithfield-Selma IndependentIndependent A
St. John's Jesuit Winter GuardIndependent A
The Magnolia ProjectIndependent A
The University of Memphis Winter GuardIndependent A
University of LouisianaIndependent A
University of Northern Iowa WinterguardIndependent A
Valiant Indoor Guard At Virginia TechIndependent A

American Fork HSScholastic Open
Bellbrook HSScholastic Open
Ben Davis HSScholastic Open
Byrnes HSScholastic Open
Central Square HSScholastic Open
Choctaw HSScholastic Open
Cleveland HS (NC)Scholastic Open
Coppell HSScholastic Open
Dawson HSScholastic Open
East Lincoln HSScholastic Open
Eastlake HSScholastic Open
Eden Prairie HSScholastic Open
Friendswood HSScholastic Open
Greenfield-Central HSScholastic Open
Greenwood Community HSScholastic Open
Hendrickson HSScholastic Open
Higley HSScholastic Open
James E. Taylor HSScholastic Open
Kickapoo HS - EmulationScholastic Open
Kiski Area HSScholastic Open
Laguna Creek HSScholastic Open
Legacy HSScholastic Open
Marian Catholic HSScholastic Open
Milford HS (OH)Scholastic Open
Mililani HSScholastic Open
Newsome HSScholastic Open
Noblesville HSScholastic Open
Pendleton Heights HSScholastic Open
Sebastian River HSScholastic Open
Seven Lakes HSScholastic Open
Sunlake HSScholastic Open
Westfield HS (IN)Scholastic Open
Zionsville Community HSScholastic Open

Alta Marea WinterguardIndependent Open
Atlas Winter GuardIndependent Open
Blessed SacramentIndependent Open
EklipseIndependent Open
FIU WinterguardIndependent Open
JMU Nuance OpenIndependent Open
Main Line IndependentIndependent Open
Oasis WinterguardIndependent Open
ORIGINS OpenIndependent Open
Pegasus Winterguard AIndependent Open
Redemption GuardIndependent Open
ReverieIndependent Open
Sacred Heart University Winter GuardIndependent Open
South Florida WinterguardIndependent Open
The Pride of Missouri StateIndependent Open
Via ColorguardIndependent Open

Avon HSScholastic World
Center Grove HSScholastic World
East Coweta HSScholastic World
Lake Central HSScholastic World
Miamisburg HSScholastic World
Northview HSScholastic World
Norwin HSScholastic World
The Woodlands HSScholastic World
Warren Central HSScholastic World

Lake Area IndependentIndependent World
MalachiIndependent World
Northwestern State University Demon HeatIndependent World
OnyxIndependent World
Spirit IndependentIndependent World
The CollectiveIndependent World
UCF Pegasus WorldIndependent World

Percussion Finalists

Campbell County HSScholastic Concert Open
Catawba Ridge HSScholastic Concert Open
Cleveland HSScholastic Concert Open
Corinth Holders HSScholastic Concert Open
Lakewood HSScholastic Concert Open
Moon Area HSScholastic Concert Open
Plainfield HSScholastic Concert Open
Timber Creek HSScholastic Concert Open

Castle HSScholastic Concert World
North Forney HSScholastic Concert World

Azle HSScholastic Marching Open
Carroll HSScholastic Marching Open
Clear Brook HSScholastic Marching Open
Cy-Fair HSScholastic Marching Open
Dorman HSScholastic Marching Open
Greenfield-Central HSScholastic Marching Open
Lewisville HSScholastic Marching Open
Los Alamitos HSScholastic Marching Open
Pace HSScholastic Marching Open
Plainfield HSScholastic Marching Open
Seven Lakes HSScholastic Marching Open
Sharyland HSScholastic Marching Open
Sparkman HSScholastic Marching Open
Victor J. Andrew HSScholastic Marching Open
Zionsville Community HSScholastic Marching Open

Civitas IndependentIndependent Marching Open
Flux Indoor PercussionIndependent Marching Open
Infinity 3Independent Marching Open
Liberty University Indoor DrumlineIndependent Marching Open
Matrix OpenIndependent Marching Open
Q2Independent Marching Open
Rockwood Winter PercussionIndependent Marching Open
St. Martin IndependentIndependent Marching Open

Avon HSScholastic Marching World
Broken Arrow HSScholastic Marching World
Centerville HSScholastic Marching World
Dartmouth HSScholastic Marching World
Franklin Central HSScholastic Marching World
Lambert HSScholastic Marching World
Lebanon HSScholastic Marching World
Milton HSScholastic Marching World
Timber Creek HSScholastic Marching World
Walled Lake Consolidated SchoolsScholastic Marching World

Blue KnightsIndependent Marching World
Breakthrough Indoor PercussionIndependent Marching World
Cap City PercussionIndependent Marching World
InfinityIndependent Marching World
MatrixIndependent Marching World

Winds Placement

Group NameClassificationScorePlacement
Edison HSScholastic Regional A Winds63.2503rd
Murrieta Valley HSScholastic Regional A Winds68.5002nd
Kent City HSScholastic Regional A Winds75.5001st

Whitko Jr/Sr HSScholastic A Winds66.50010th
Elk River Combined SchoolsScholastic A Winds68.0009th
Corinth Holders HSScholastic A Winds71.2508th
Owensboro Catholic HSScholastic A Winds72.2507th
West Johnston HSScholastic A Winds74.2506th
Carlisle HSScholastic A Winds74.5005th
Washington County HSScholastic A Winds78.0004th
Lake Minneola HSScholastic A Winds80.2503rd
Cleveland HSScholastic A Winds81.0002nd
Greenwood HSScholastic A Winds83.0001st

Daviess County HSIndependent A Winds85.0001st

Perry HSScholastic Open Winds77.0007th
Palm Beach Gardens HSScholastic Open Winds84.7506th
Mt. Juliet HSScholastic Open Winds85.0005th
Westfield HSScholastic Open Winds86.2504th
Father Ryan HSScholastic Open Winds87.5003rd
Jupiter HSScholastic Open Winds88.7502nd
Keller Central HSScholastic Open Winds90.5001st

Inertia Independent WindsIndependent Open Winds81.0002nd
Horizon WindsIndependent Open Winds83.7501st

Greenfield Central HSScholastic World Winds88.0003rd
North Hardin HSScholastic World Winds90.2502nd
Cleveland HSScholastic World Winds93.5001st

Winds Finalists 

Group NameClassification
Edison HSScholastic Regional A Winds
Kent City HSScholastic Regional A Winds
Murrieta Valley HSScholastic Regional A Winds

Carlisle HSScholastic A Winds
Cleveland HSScholastic A Winds
Greenwood HSScholastic A Winds
Lake Minneola HSScholastic A Winds
Washington County HSScholastic A Winds

Daviess County HSIndependent A Winds

Father Ryan HSScholastic Open Winds
Jupiter HSScholastic Open Winds
Keller Central HSScholastic Open Winds
Mt. Juliet HSScholastic Open Winds
Westfield HSScholastic Open Winds

Horizon WindsIndependent Open Winds
Inertia Independent WindsIndependent Open Winds

Cleveland HSScholastic World Winds
Greenfield Central HSScholastic World Winds
North Hardin HSScholastic World Winds

La Plata HSConcert A Winds
Cy-Fair HSConcert Open Winds
Avon HS BrassConcert World Winds
Avon HS WoodwindsConcert World Winds

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Welcome to the 2021 WGI Virtual Event Group Semifinals B event hub! Performance videos will be published to this page starting at 9 AM ET on April 10. Tune in LIVE to the WGI Virtual Season Awards Ceremony on April 11 at 5 PM ET. Click 'Read More' below to find more information on the schedule, the entire 2021 season, and some of the other virtual events coming to FloMarching this winter!
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