2021 MAIN Virtual Event 6

2021 MAIN Virtual Event 6


See the results for the 2021 MAIN Virtual Event 6 on Sunday, March 28th.


eShowcase 14-18Marple Newtown HSN/A


Standstill-Multi 13 and underPegasus Too - JRGood

Standstill - Flag  14-18Kingston HSGood

Standstill -Multi-Equipment 14-18Robbinsville HSExcellent

Standstill - Multi-Equipment  19+True ColorsGood

Staged- Flag 14-18Monroe HS Flag EnsembleSuperior

Staged- Multi- Equipment 14-18Allentown HSGood


Scholastic Middle SchoolHaddon Heights MSExcellent

West Perry MSExcellent

Scholastic NoviceFranklin HSGood

Parsippany HSExcellent

Independent NoviceEmpress Winter GuardExcellent

Requiem SilverGood

Scholastic Regional AAppoquinimink HSExcellent

Central Bucks School DistrictSuperior

Manalapan HSExcellent

Matawan HSSuperior

Methacton HSExcellent

Northern Burlington HSExcellent

Pennridge HSExcellent

Providence CatholicExcellent

Ramsey HSExcellent

Sachem HSExcellent

Walt Whitman HSGood

West Perry HSSuperior

Independent Regional ARequiem GoldGood

Scholastic AAbington HSExcellent

Bunnell HSGood

Council Rock South HSSuperior

Haddon Heights HSExcellent

North PennExcellent

Radnor HSExcellent

Wayne Hills HSGood

Independent AExtraordinaire DansembleGood

Surge IndependentGood

Independent SeniorVintage Senior WinterguardGood

Scholastic OpenSouth BrunswickExcellent

Independent OpenMain Line IndependentExcellent

Independent WorldLight Winter GuardGood

Event Info
Welcome to the 2021 MAIN Virtual Event 6 event hub! Click 'Read More' below to find more information on the schedule, the entire 2021 season, and some of the other virtual events coming to FloMarching this winter!
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