picture of 2021 OIPA Virtual Event 3

Feb 26

Welcome to the 2021 OIPA Virtual Event 3 event hub! Click 'Read More' below to find more information on the schedule, the entire 2021 season, and some of the other virtual events coming to FloMarching this winter!

See the results for the 2021 OIPA Virtual Event 3 hosted exclusively on FloMarching starting Saturday, February 26th.

Jr. NoviceGroupResults

Springfield Holland Jr. Flag LineExcellent
Scholastic Regional AGroupResults

Cloverleaf Winter GuardExcellent

Moon Area HS Winter GuardExcellent
Scholastic AAGroupResults

Avon HS WinterguardExcellent

London Varsity Winter GuardExcellent
Scholastic AGroupResults

Hamilton HS Winter GuardSuperior

Firestone HSExcellent

Kettering Fairmont HSExcellent

Middletown HSExcellent

New London Winter GuardExcellent

Worthington Kilbourne Varsity WinterguardExcellent
Percussion Scholastic AGroupResults

St. John's Jesuit Indoor DrumlineExcellent

Percussion Independent WorldGroupResults

Cap CityExcellent