picture of 2020 WGI Guard South Brunswick Regional

Feb 22-23, 2020

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See the scores from the 2020 WGI Guard South Brunswick Regional prelims and finals on February 22-23. 

Full results of all WGI events from the weekend at WGI.org.

2020 WGI Guard South Brunswick Regional - Finals

Full results of all WGI events from the weekend at WGI.org.

Scholastic Regional A
1Abington HS (Abington, PA)78.860I
2Liverpool HS JV (Liverpool, NY)74.120II
3Walt Whitman HS (Huntington station, NY)73.390II
Independent Regional A
1Winter Star (North Jersey, NJ)77.860-
2N-8 Winterguard (Princeton Junction, NJ)77.330-
3Light Winter Guard (Ephrata, PA)77.290-
Scholastic A
1Central Square HS (Central Square, NY)83.660I
2Billerica Memorial HS (Billerica, MA)82.140I
3Liverpool HS (Liverpool, NY)81.380I
4Salem HS (Salem, NH)79.210I
5Spring-Ford Area HS (Royersford, PA)78.950I
6West Milford HS (West Milford Township, NJ)76.260I
7Council Rock HS South (Holland, PA)75.500I
8Masuk HS (Monroe, CT)75.390I
9Southern Regional HS (Manahawkin, NJ)73.920II
10Cab Calloway HS (Wilmington, DE)73.100II
Independent A
1Campbell University presents Carolina Visual Productions (Buies Creek, NC)78.350-
2Visages (Valleyfield, Quebec)77.990-
3Westshoremen (Harrisburg, PA)77.870-
4Gates Chili Independent Winter Guard (Gates Chili, NY)74.280-
5Classics Colorguard (Allentown, PA)74.030-
Scholastic Open
1Cumberland Valley HS (Mechanicsburg, PA)80.900I
2Victor HS (Victor, NY)78.800I
3South Brunswick HS (South Brunswick, NJ)76.300I
4Norwalk HS (Norwalk, CT)75.900I
5Phoenix HS (Phoenix, NY)61.600II
6Avon Grove HS (West Grove, PA)57.800III
Independent Open
1AMP (Camden, NJ)84.000-
2Main Line Independent (Wayne, PA)79.900-
3Sacred Heart University Winter Guard (Fairfield, CT)78.900-
4Les Eclipses (Longueuil, Quebec J4H 1M1)77.500-
5Field of View (West Chester, PA)73.600-
6Delazure (Newark, DE)67.700-
Scholastic World
1Somerville HS (Somerville, NJ)71.200II
Independent World
1Fusion Winter Guard (Clifton, NJ)83.600-
2AMP Winter Guard (Camden, NJ)82.700-
3Alter Ego (West New York, NJ)73.000-
4Black Watch (Mount Laurel, NJ)72.400-
5The Brigadiers (Syracuse, NY)68.200-


2020 WGI Guard South Brunswick Regional - Prelims

Scholastic Regional A
1Abington HS (Abington, PA)78.770I
2Walt Whitman HS (Huntington station, NY)73.450II
3Liverpool HS JV (Liverpool, NY)73.410II
4Phoenixville Area HS (PHoenixville, PA)72.960II
5Oakton HS JV (Vienna, VA)67.470II
6Mahwah HS (Mahwah, NJ)66.770II
Independent Regional A
1N-8 Winterguard (Princeton Junction, NJ)78.540-
2Winter Star (North Jersey, NJ)77.670-
3Light Winter Guard (Ephrata, PA)76.860-
4Cab Calloway HS JV (Wilmington, DE)76.250-
5Pegasus Too Winter Guard (Saddle Brook, NJ)75.150-
6Moxie Guard (Breinigsville, PA)72.920-
7Les Eclipses - Regionall A (Longueil, Quebec CANADA)72.620-
8Sonnor ()72.320-
Scholastic A
   Round 1   
1Central Square HS ( Central Square, NY)81.860I
2Billerica Memorial HS ( Billerica, MA)81.400I
3Liverpool HS ( Liverpool, NY)80.930I
4West Milford HS ( West Milford Township, NJ)76.170I
5Council Rock HS South ( Holland, PA)75.080I
6Bridgewater Raritan HS ( Bridgewater, NJ)69.420II
7Haddon Heights HS ( Haddon Heights, NJ)68.560II
8North Penn HS ( Lansdale, PA)66.290II
9Washington-Liberty HS ( Arlington, VA)61.210II
   Round 2   
1Salem HS ( Salem, NH)80.900I
2Spring-Ford Area HS ( Royersford, PA)79.440I
3Masuk HS ( Monroe, CT)76.640I
4Southern Regional HS ( Manahawkin, NJ)75.210I
5Cab Calloway HS ( Wilmington, DE)74.840II
6Monroe Township HS ( Monroe Township, NJ)74.220II
7West Orange HS ( West Orange, NJ)72.360II
8Oakton HS ( Vienna, VA)68.110II
9Brick Memorial HS ( Bricktown, NJ)66.550II
10John C. Birdlebough HS ( Phoenix, NY)62.990II
Independent A
1Visages (Valleyfield, Quebec)79.220-
2Campbell University presents Carolina Visual Productions (Buies Creek, NC)78.440-
3Westshoremen (Harrisburg, PA)78.350-
4Gates Chili Independent Winter Guard (Gates Chili, NY)74.140-
5Classics Colorguard (Allentown, PA)73.880-
6Les Eclipses (Longueuil, Quebec)72.660-
7Polaris (Bethlehem, PA)72.430-
8Surge Independent (Haddon Heights, NJ)67.340-
9Impetus Winterguard (Sewell, NJ)64.670-
Scholastic Open
1Cumberland Valley HS (Mechanicsburg, PA)77.300I
2South Brunswick HS (South Brunswick, NJ)74.900II
2Victor HS (Victor, NY)74.900II
4Norwalk HS (Norwalk, CT)74.600II
5Phoenix HS (Phoenix, NY)62.100II
6Avon Grove HS (West Grove, PA)58.500III
Independent Open
1AMP (Camden, NJ)82.600-
2Main Line Independent (Wayne, PA)79.300-
3Les Eclipses (Longueuil, Quebec J4H 1M1)78.200-
4Sacred Heart University Winter Guard (Fairfield, CT)77.500-
5Field of View (West Chester, PA)73.600-
6Delazure (Newark, DE)67.500-
Scholastic World
1Somerville HS (Somerville, NJ)69.300II
Independent World
1Fusion Winter Guard (Clifton, NJ)81.200-
2AMP Winter Guard (Camden, NJ)80.900-
3Alter Ego (West New York, NJ)72.100-
4Black Watch (Mount Laurel, NJ)70.500-
5The Brigadiers (Syracuse, NY)67.100-