picture of 2019 BOA Austin Regional Championship pres by Yamaha

Sep 28, 2019

Watch 2019 BOA Austin Regional Championship pres by Yamaha live on FloMarching!


Check out the preliminary and finals results for the 2019 BOA Austin Regional in Austin, TX on September 28.

2019 BOA Austin Regional presented by Yamaha

1Vandegrift (TX)86.300
2Leander (TX)84.850
3Claudia Taylor Johnson (TX)84.150
4Vista Ridge (TX)83.350
5Cedar Park (TX)81.050
6Cedar Ridge (TX)80.025
7Lake Travis (TX)79.500
8James Bowie (TX)78.700
9Rouse (TX)77.500
10Westwood (TX)77.000

Overall Outstanding Music PerformanceVandegrift (TX)
Overall Outstanding Visual PerformanceLeander (TX)
Overall Outstanding General EffectVandegrift (TX)
Class A

1Johnson (TX)

The Ann Richards School For Young Women Leaders (TX)

Outstanding Music PerformanceJohnson (TX)
Outstanding Visual PerformanceJohnson (TX)
Outstanding General EffectJohnson (TX)
Class AA


Veterans Memorial (TX)

Outstanding Music Performance

Veterans Memorial (TX)

Outstanding Visual Performance

Veterans Memorial (TX)

Outstanding General Effect

Veterans Memorial (TX)

Class AAA

1Leander (TX)
2Cedar Park (TX)
3Rouse (TX)
Outstanding Music PerformanceLeander (TX)
Outstanding Visual PerformanceLeander (TX)
Outstanding General EffectLeander (TX)
Class AAAA

1Vandegrift (TX)

Claudia Taylor Johnson (TX)

3Vista Ridge (TX)
Outstanding Music PerformanceVandegrift (TX)
Outstanding Visual PerformanceVandegrift (TX)
Outstanding General EffectVandegrift (TX)